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Slow Down

main_motherhood_goals_slow-down_5I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the entrance of the elementary school as we slowly drove away. This was it. That moment we hear about from other veteran moms- the moment your baby is no longer a baby. The moment where he is the brave one telling you it is ok to let go. I squeezed his hand and watched as he sat down at his desk waiting anxiously to be one of the big kids. Why do they have to grow up so quickly? I blinked and my little baby grew up into a young little man.


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It’s true you know- the years are short. And while I wish we could stop time and keep our littles little forever, we can’t. We live in a world where we just always need to be busy. Always on the go. I started out on Mondays with the best intentions to really sit down and play with my kids or really just watch them play. But then it would be Friday afternoon and I realized that week just flew and then the weeks turned to months and all those good intentions were really just that. I’d been dragging my kids to and from errands and just going going going.

motherhood_goals_slow-down_3motherhood_goals_slow-down_4PS I know these pictures are crazy and slightly hilarious because Adelle was throwing a tantrum- I kind of enjoyed it- is that terrible of me?

I was just getting tired. Tired of my good intentions and tired of literally going all day without any substance. I just wanted to slow life down. After taking this class I had really prioritized and eliminated any excess stuff in my life. Now that I am not caught up in extras, I was just getting caught up in the daily stuff. I realize this is totally normal but I felt like I was missing out on some special moments with them. I can’t help but regret those times when I was ferociously cleaning instead of  spending some more quality time with Ashton. I wish I could take those times back and really soak in those precious moments. I am not suggesting anything grand or complicated. I just want to slow down. Not rush from one thing to the next, next activity, next chore, etc. Just slow down time a bit and notice the details of my surroundings. As a perpetual multi tasker this is so hard for me to do but baby steps right? For one, instead of spending some mornings cleaning alone, I can have Adelle clean along side me as we chat about her babies. Or instead of rushing to school, I can turn the radio off and talk to Ollie about why the Hulk is his favorite. Or instead of giving Ashton the phone to play with while Ollie is in soccer practice I can have more thumb wrestling wars with him. Like I said, nothing spectacular but all these moments will be meaningful.

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motherhood_goals_slow-down_6So I have 3 goals for our family. The first is to explore where we live. Our second is to slow down. Our Saturdays are not filled to the brim- instead we have a slow morning where we have breakfast and do some chores as a family. After the kids’ naps, we do a fun activity. We actually stopped doing fun stuff on Saturdays for a while because we were trying to teach our kids something. Once they learned, we added back something small but fun like teaching the kids how to play kickball in the yard. I promise you that that moment was absolutely precious for me. And I can guarantee that small moments that you slow down for will also be meaningful to you and your family. We can’t stop time but we can slow it down just enough to appreciate it.