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Seahawks Fashion

When I move, I go all in. Meaning, while I still miss Utah like crazy, Seattle is my home now. And having grown up in New England I should be rooting for the Patriots but I can’t- I will feel like a traitor. So moving to Seattle means that while I love and appreciate my past homes, I have to be a loyal citizen- except in soccer.

But truthfully, I am not a huge sports fan. I really just like the social aspect of watching a sports game. And today’s game (Seahawks vs. Packers) was insane! My friend and I were busy upstairs putting food together while the kids and our husbands played downstairs. By the time we came down there was 15 minutes left on the clock and our team (I’ve already adapted them as my own!) was down by a lot. Our friend kept saying, “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.” And in a miraculous 2 minutes everything changed and the Seahawks won! I wish I knew football terminology because everything that happened was insane and we somehow got it together and scored the winning touchdown in overtime. And now we are going to the Superbowl! And if you know me at all you know I’m not into football but I like to have get togethers and eat some good food. I made these last year for the Superbowl.

And we all know with all the good food I have to wear a loose shirt and maybe some stretchy pants….haha! Here are some of my favorite Seahawks fashion picks sporting the Seahawks colors. No football jersey necessary.

Go Hawks!

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