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Recipe: Kid Friendly Pizzas+ Adding More Counter Space in the Kitchen

kid friendly pizzas We moved several months ago into a smaller house- not by choice. In my old house I had this magnificent counter in the kitchen. It was glorious. In this new place my counter space was about an 18″ slab between the sink and stove. I was going a little haywire and felt like I couldn’t cook anything! I needed extra counter space if I was going to be able to accomplish anything in this kitchen.

I scoured on Craigslist, on our our Buy Nothing Facebook group, and other yard sale type groups hoping to find something in our price range. You already spend so much money on a move it was hard to fork out some more money. My husband suggested we use this cabinet type thing the owners left in the garage. At first I said no because it looked too scary. Really I was afraid a gazillion spiders would climb out and haunt my house. But because I realllly didn’t want to spend more money I told him I would fix it up if he cleaned it out. He hates fixing stuff so he thought it was a great deal.

The left is before any cleaning, etc. The right is the after with the old pulls.

Cabinet Makeover using DecoArt_0356 This cabinet was kind of a beast and needed a lot of cleaning. We tackled the drawers first and lined them with contact paper. I partnered with DecoArt to refinish this cabinet, so they sent over some paint and wax. After scrubbing it clean, I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 16oz – Everlasting to paint over the creamy yellow color. Chalk paint is pretty forgiving thank goodness. I applied 3 coats and only used maybe half of the paint jar. Then came time for the waxing and I used Americana Decor Creme Wax 16oz – Clear. I have tons left. I was actually nervous for this part but it was so easy and you really can’t mess up!

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Cabinet Makeover using DecoArt_0355I found cabinet pulls on Amazon that were an almost match for the pre-drilled holes. On two drawers we had to drill holes but it wasn’t that big of a deal. It is amazing what new pulls will do to a piece of furniture’s final look.

Cabinet Makeover using DecoArt_0353Then I found a piece of marble slab from a friend on our local Buy Nothing page. I placed it on top and instantly got at least 3 more feet of counter space. Albeit it is a couple of inches short but it was free….and we just have to find a longer slab soon. But, this is huge guys! If you are lacking counter space, think of getting an island cart or cabinet of some sort. Like these:


We don’t have much room in our kitchen so this cabinet was perfect for storage as well as counter space. And it only cost us the price of the cabinet pulls- $20.

Cabinet Makeover using DecoArt_0354The whole project probably took me about 3-4 hours and that includes inserting contact paper in drawers, waiting for paint to dry, installing and drilling cabinet pulls, and waxing. I did it all in 3 days because I was just squeezing it in when I had a free hour. And once it was done guess what we did? We made pizza. Just like at our old house. We made lots and lots of pizza. My kids like to use this kit from Handmade Kitchen because the pan is perfect for a personal size pizza.Kids love making pizzas. Here are their favorite kid friendly pizzas.We have pizza on Fridays along with our movie night. It is our favorite night of the week. And while I experiment on the adult pizza, I don’t change the kid pizza for fear of a revolt. Here are some of my kids’ favorite pizzas:

  1. Cheese. Why spoil a great thing? My kids love and breathe cheese pizza. Not the mozzarella like normal people, but the yellow cheese (cheddar). I don’t ask- I just please.
  2. Pesto. I buy the pesto jar from Costco (every couple of weeks- my kids love pesto) and just use that as the sauce. No cheese for the kids because they are crazy. But I do put fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and grilled chicken (again, from Costco!) on the adult pizza.
  3. Nutella and fruit. Sometimes we have dessert for dinner. Why not throw caution to the wind now and again and just give the kids (and Mom) what they really want. Please don’t send me hate mail. I do put strawberries, kiwis and bananas so that’s good for something, right?
  4. Pepperoni. This is a tough one. One of my kids likes this but then doesn’t really eat the pepperoni. I just don’t know.
  5. Avocado. It’s just like mushed up avocado on toast except it’s on pizza. Sprinkle a little salt and it’s amazing. I wish my kids all liked the same things but they don’t. 2/3 kids like this one.
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Cabinet Makeover using DecoArt_0358Simple, right? Nutritious? Questionable. But it’s one of our favorite traditions. And because we love pizza so much I started doodling and will be posting this design in my spoonflower shop. I am thinking these would make adorable leggings. Yes? Yes! Now I have to find someone who sews….

Surface and Textile Design- Pizza by Brenda BirdK, so tell me what is your favorite pizza?

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  1. I just love this!
    Cant wait to try with my little ones <3


    1. Thank you! What do your little ones like on their pizza? Are they as picky as mine? Haha!