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Party Ideas: Unicorn Inspired Bubble Wands

If a tutorial is really just one step, is it really a tutorial? I guess this tutorial really is indicative of my life right now. I’m taking it easy and enjoying my time with my baby…who’s 2. Ha! The other kids are in school and it is just Madeleine and me. I am working on some big projects so unfortunately the blog has been pushed to the back burner.

Another thing that was pushed back was my other daughter’s birthday party. We were traveling in the summer and with back to school craziness, switching schools but trying to appeal and just life….we are just now throwing her the birthday party she’s been asking for. I will say I am proud that it has only been delayed about 2 months so high five to me for not taking 6 months. I’ll take any win at this point.

She wanted a unicorn birthday party so here is one thing I worked on while watching an episode of The Office. It is a mindless craft but it turned out so cute! It’s the little things, guys!

What You Need:

bubble wands (these neon bubble wands are great, too)
washi tape kindly supplied by Oriental Trading Company (this washi tape works, too)
gold sharpie (optional)

What To Do:

This is pretty self explanatory but you just wrap the washi tape around the wand. I just made sure to start and end in the same place with every color of tape.

If you want an extra oomph, use the gold sharpie to color the top of the wand- in this case the little heart. I left it as is because I didn’t want to take that extra step. Ha!

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We will be including these in the party favors. She wanted really girly unicorn stuff but insisted on inviting her boy friends…..sooo that made things interesting. Stay tuned for the party!

One thought on “Party Ideas: Unicorn Inspired Bubble Wands

  1. Love that velvet blazer! I’m all about blazers in different textures:)