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Modern Superhero Cityscape Room

  A big thanks to Expressions Vinyl + Online Fabric Store  + Uncle Milton  for helping this room come together perfectly!

Simple updates, diy projects to make this kids room into a personalized and modern superhero bedroom. We’ve been in our rental home for a little over a year and I’ve had this idea brewing since then! I wanted to finish our master bedroom first because we always neglect it but I just had to get this room going- mostly because I have major mommy guilt about not being such a great Mom when I am pregnant…. There are times I can do more but I am just so tired. I hate using that excuse on my kids but sometimes Mommy just needs to nap or can’t lift you to do the monkey bars- why the heck do they make them so high? #shortpeopleproblems

Ikea Kura bunk bed updated with chalkboard spray paint and a fun cityscape drawn on it. Simple ideas to turn boys room into modern superhero bedroom. Anyway, I have been brewing this “modern superhero cityscape room” for a while and I am so excited to finally share. My kids love superheroes and I am just not a fan of the licensed character stuff so we compromised. Really- I sat down with the kids and shared my ideas. They gobbled it up and looked forward to each project. So I may not be the Mom that is playing with her kids in the playground- I’ve tried and ended up paying for it- but I can craft for/with them and make things for them that they love and feel like it represents them. All these projects were done in like less than 2 weeks because I was/am on a deadline and are easy enough for a mama in her 3rd trimester to do.

Let’s start with a concept. This is super important or else you get sidetracked or just confused as to which direction to go. We decided on a theme (kept it simple), colors and elements. I also reused a lot of what we already had on hand like fabric, lamps, shelves, etc.

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Inspiration for modern superhero cityscape bedroom for kids.fabric: navy swiss dot | green stripes | modern city

The Kura bunk bed + tent was sold to us by a friend. I spray painted it with chalkboard spray paint (so much easier than painting!) using this and this. Have fun with it! The boys loved having their name on it.

Ikea Kura bunk bed updated with chalkboard spray paint and a personalized city drawn on it. Simple ideas to turn boys room into modern superhero bedroom. Oliver was not happy that Ashton got a tent over his bed so I whipped up some curtains using fabric I had from Oliver’s nursery (super easy- cut out a rectangle and hem the sides using this!) and used these to hang them up. He gets his own little cave and so does Ashton.

Personalized and modern superhero bedroom. Chalkboard makes everything easier to personalize and this Kura bunkbed is so versatile when kids have to share rooms.Adding curtains to bottom bunk in Kura bed is simple and gives other child a chance to have their own little "tent" like feel. Speaking of personalizing things, I made them each a pillow with their initial on it using their favorite superhero logo. Can you guess who they each like? (Tutorial coming in October).

Make the kids feel super cool and special by Personalizing superhero pillows using iron on vinyl.I also made them another pillow to bring in more of the “cityscape” element. I designed the fabric which is available for purchase here and used a swiss dot fabric that I used for Ashton’s nursery forever ago to make matching decorative pillows.

Simple projects like using iron on vinyl to personalize pillows with initials or specific themes goes a long way. To include more “city” feel, I took apart their cube metal shelf (like in this post) and hung it up on their wall. I used mini clothespins from Target (these are cute) and used thin washi tape to make it coordinate with the room. They can use this wire memo board to hang up pictures and their artwork.

Modern-Superhero-Cityscape-Bedroom_16This banner was made using my Cricut to cut out the letters. I wanted a positive message and one that had to do with superheroes. I hung it up using baker’s twine– which I use for everything!

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Because I am not a huge fan of licensed characters (I know, I am annoying about it) I designed something simple that still depicted their favorite superheroes. I didn’t feel like buying frames so I just made mats using card stock and hung them using sticky tack. I may buy some frames in the future but for now I like the clean look of this.

Simple modern superhero art work + wire memo boardI love this moon! Not only does this work as a nightlight, it also teaches them the different lunar phases. This moon gives the room a mystical almost mysterious glow, like the superheroes will be called upon any minute. It also comes with a small remote so they can manually change the phases or have it on automatic change- plus it shuts off after 30 minutes as to not waste the battery life.

Modern-Superhero-Boys-Bedroom_Moon-In-My-Room  Modern-Superhero-Boys-Bedroom_Moon-In-My-Room_1

Modern-Superhero-Boys-Bedroom_Moon-In-My-Room_2I reused Oliver’s old nursery curtains (yay!) and I used the “cityscape” fabric to recover their lamp. This kids clock helps them know when they can leave their room and wake up their parents. Sometimes they follow it, other times they just sneak out and play downstairs. Ugh. It is what it is.

Modern city fabric used to recover old lamp shadeWe used to have a coat rack but it was made out of skis which doesn’t really fit the theme anymore so I had to figure out what to use to hang up their backpacks and coats. These worked great and I loved being able to customize them. (Tutorial coming in October)

DIY lightning bolt marquee light and fun pegs to hang up backpacks and jacketsI really wanted to avoid the whole marquee light trend but I couldn’t stay away. I found this lightning bolt marquee sign but it was way too expensive. So of course I didn’t buy, I DIY-ed. (Tutorial coming later in the month.)

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fun modern superhero bedroom And then again I used another square from the wire cube storage because they really do have that much artwork to hang up.

I won this Green Lantern metal tin sign so I guess I can’t say no to everything with licensed characters- ha. And this cube storage is so versatile I was able to create a little bookshelf as well as use the pieces for wire memo boards. Double win.

wire cube storage used as bookshelf in this fun superhero boys roomThis, my friends, is my favorite part of the room. Oliver is afraid of the dark so I made this glow in the dark cityscape for him in his little cave. Labor of love I tell you. Vinyl and textured walls aren’t the best of friends so it took a little bit to transfer the vinyl to the wall- and with a belly in the way it made it a little tricky. Nevertheless, we prevailed and he thinks his little lit up city is the coolest thing ever. I have to agree. (Tutorial coming in October).

Glow in the dark city skyline DIY in this fun modern superhero room for boysThere you have it. A little tour of my boys’ Modern Superhero Cityscape Bedroom. Nothing too crazy. The only thing I’d change is the wall color but seeing as we rent that wasn’t an option. But I tried to keep it real and practical: Pinterest worthy-ish but not over the top and expensive. I am a real Mom with other responsibilities so I hope these little projects inspire you to create something fun!

Easy personalization with chalkboard and vinyl. I’m curious- do you guys have themes in mind for your rooms? If so, what is your favorite one?

Here are the links to the specific projects:

diy lightning bolt marquee light for modern superhero roomBright colored modern wall hangers. Great for a boys shared room or superhero theme room.DIY Iron on Vinyl Modern Superhero PillowDIY Glow in the dark cityscape for a superhero room!

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  3. Hey! I’ve been looking at getting bunkbeds for my little guys… Just curious.. For the bottom bunk… Is the mattress right on the floor?

    1. It is not recommended but yes, this bed is right on the floor. The mattress we have has a built-in pillow top so it is a bit squished in there but it works!

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  5. This is way cute! I need to find a theme to incorporate that moon night- light into a girl/boy shared room.

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! Oooh that would be a fun challenge. Space themed things can lean towards a boy’s room but with spray paint you can make it more gender neutral. I am loving grays, black, white and then you could add a bit of color like a teal or coral. Or bright colors! My kids love the moon night light and I bet your kids would, too.