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Modern Pokemon Party

modern-pokemon-party_invitationI tried my best to honor the wishes of my very particular Pokemon obsessed son. It was hard since Pokemon is a little kitschy but I think I managed to mesh his theme with my love for clean and simple design. Here is my take on a Modern Pokemon Party:






modern-pokemon-party_favor-bagpokemon invitations | mini pokemon| muslin bags| mini storage container| pokemon trainer hat

Dear Ashton,

You are now six years old. You have been counting the days for months until your sixth birthday. It was only a short time ago when I was counting the days until I would finally meet you and be able to hold you in my arms. I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. You’ve grown up to be a very loving and caring older brother and are constantly sympathetic to others’ needs. You and Oliver fight often but you also love having late night discussions about Pokemon and superheroes. I can’t bear to end those tender moments so we let that slide. Remember that your family will always be there for you and love you. Remember that you are a child of God and he loves and knows you- rely on him with big and little things because he cares. Enjoy the simple things in life and don’t wish your life away. I know you can’t wait to turn 7 because then that means you will be bigger and faster (maybe) but you will always be my little baby. I love you with everything I am.



**Edited: Here is a new post on some Pokemon games/activities and other party related things.

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14 thoughts on “Modern Pokemon Party

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    1. Hi, I’d like to buy your free printable (I love it!) but I want to upload it to evite. Can you tell me how to do this? I’m not sure how that works?

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  4. Where can I order the invites!?

    1. I have them linked to my shop but I am on vacation mode until next week. Email me if you need them sooner.

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  6. Where can I find the “thank you” tags for the gift bags?

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  8. Cute party 🙂

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  11. Que hermozas palabras que salen del corazon,al leer tu nota solo podia recordar el dulce sentimiento que yo tube cuando esperaba tu venida a este mundo. Cuanto amor puede un ser humano sentir…. que no lo puede describir…Gracias!! por haber nacido….por siempre entregar buenos momentos y sentimientos a todo los que te rodean..Te amo mucho hijita…Siempre seras mi PEQUENA FLOR……Mi Eerno Amor….
    Love, Mom