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Let’s Talk: Video Baby Monitors

Let’s talk baby monitors. Sure, some people go without and that’s cool. Some people have the audio only monitors while others opt for the video monitors. Some people may be wondering why I even need a baby monitor anymore. My baby is almost 2! Two! I don’t even believe myself when I say that.

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The truth is- I have a little anxiety. I get a little nervous when my kids sleep longer than usual and if they are crying whether or not they are actually hurt or just want to get out of their crib. Sometimes I crack the door open to check on my baby and of course it creaks like the mother of all creaks. The baby stirs and jolts up because obviously when she hears the door creak that means it is party time! I don’t know why I do this to myself. My inquisitive mind needs to know she is safe. Plus, I really want to see when she starts climbing out of her crib so I can line the perimeter with pillows….or just get her a toddler bed.

My last video monitor broke so when I was asked to review the CocoonCam I was very eager to be able to spy (I mean check on) on my little baby again and quit waking her up with the creaking door. So here are my thoughts.


Can monitor baby’s breathing without any attachments! It measures baby’s breathing and movement without actually touching the baby. This is helpful when they are older and can pull attachments off.

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Alerts you when breathing pattern has changed.

Alerts you when there is a lot of movement.

Connects to smartphone/tablet so you can check on baby from anywhere and can give access to others to see baby, too.

With subscription, can download special moments that have been recorded.

6 months subscription of alerts, special moments and graphs.

Get a free trial of above.

Nice and small camera so it doesn’t look clunky or ugly on the wall.

Can talk through your phone and there is a speaker on the camera so the baby can hear your voice.

Can use this app simultaneously with other apps.


A little pricey for just one camera.

After trial period is over, need to subscribe to receive alerts and downloadable videos.

The camera isn’t able to span or scan around the room using your phone. If you want to change the focus you have to manually move it.

Drains your phone battery if you have that application open all day.

Cord is short. You may need an extension cord.


For a straight forward use, you can use this with your newborn to monitor the breathing as well as get a visual of her throughout the day. Once you don’t need the breathing monitoring, you could just use this as a video monitor. I plan on using this camera in the playroom as well so I can see what my kids are up to while I am upstairs. I can also call them up to dinner through the microphone. While I am concerned about my almost 2 year old’s breathing, I am more concerned about making sure she doesn’t climb out of her crib. This monitor alerts me when there is high movement so it tell me when she has woken up.

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I didn’t have a video monitor for my previous children- if I could go back I would totally get one! Being able to see what our babies are actually doing sure beats trying to sneak a peek through the crack on the door….and potentially them waking up! Did you have a video monitor for your kids? Would you recommend one to a new mom?