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Introducing Cricut Air 2 + Easy Faux Stamped Gold Foil Art Print Tutorial

I remember laying in the hospital, starving and watching infomercials. Infomercials are what kept me from going crazy from hunger. Because of an upcoming emergency surgery I wasn’t allowed to eat to get my pancreas related levels low. I remember seeing the Cricut Expression in action and knew I needed to have it. A cutting machine that could intricately cut paper for me? My creative soul could see so many projects I could make, especially since I love throwing parties. It’s a good thing Santa ended up getting it for me for Christmas. And as much as I loved the Expression, it lacked more customization which as a graphic designer I felt I needed.

I then got the Cricut Explore. It had so many more options and the ability to customize my art work like being able to cut my own images that I drew or designed. The types of materials I could use increased (think leather, chipboard, fabric!). I didn’t have enough time to make all the projects I conjured up in my head. When an opportunity arose by partnering with Cricut to use the Cricut Explore Air 2 I was ecstatic! I wasn’t sure what could get better.

These are the reasons it is better:

  1. Bluetooth enabled. I don’t have as much space in my office as I used to since we moved. Being able to leave the machine in one place and not have to be connected to my computer is pretty nice. I can work from anywhere in the house. For the Explore One you can buy a bluetooth adapter that will help you achieve the same thing. Wireless just makes me happy.
  2. Fast mode. With some materials you can enable fast mode which quickens the speed of completion. With some projects you just can’t wait to see the results!
  3. Double tool holder. You can cut and write at one time. This is good for alignment issues. Sometimes if you reinsert it after you write it could shift a little and not be as exact. This helps with this.
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Because I had already used a Cricut it wasn’t difficult to start using the Cricut Explore nor the Explore Air 2. Set up was a breeze. The hardest part is figuring out what to make first. For starters, I’d use the Cricut Design Space where projects are already designed for you and images are already created. You pick the design you want to use adjust it according to your liking in the program. You can use your computer, tablet or smart phone for this. Then just place the material on the mat and begin!

I wanted to share with you this art print I made using images found in the Design Space gallery. I am in love and I want to make more. And because Valentine’s Day is coming up I have “love” on the brain.

Cricut Explore Air 2
Adhesive Foil
Coated Photo Paper (I use this paper for all my printables and stationery)
Cricut Marker
Transfer Tape (optional)
Flower Image #M4570A (on Design Space Images)
Cricut Tools

Instructions: I realize there are a ton of steps but I am trying to be as thorough as possible. It really isn’t complicated 🙂
1. Once you are signed into your account, go to insert images. Find the flower image from the gallery and adjust the size. I knew I was going to write it on an 8.5×11 sheet so I made the image width about 2.5″
2. Select the layer (on the right hand side) and click duplicate. It will appear right above the previous layer. I moved it to slightly overlap the previous one and continued layering until most of the sheet was covered and leaving a sufficient border around the art work. I did 3 rows of 3. 3. Select all those layers and then click weld. This makes it one entire image instead of 9 separate ones.
4. Select the welded flower image and click on the eye button which hides it.
5. Click on the text button and write your message. I used “I Love Us.” I wrote it on a single line because I hate wasting materials and wanted to use the adhesive foil effectively. It may be easier to space it exactly how you want it to appear but crafters want to use every single scrap of material right?
6. Play around with spacing in between the letters and in between the words. Also find a font that you like. I used Gill Sans (bold) in all capitals.
7. Once you are happy with it, select that layer and weld it into a single image. 8. Deselect the eye button to make the flower image visible again. Make sure you like what you see. And don’t forget to “hide” the text layer for this next part.
9. If you are using a paper a little thinner than card stock I suggest using an older mat that isn’t as sticky. I made that mistake and my paper got stuck and curled too much after removal. Use the scraper tool to avoid the mess I made if you don’t have an older mat.
10. Place the marker tool into the holder. Insert the mat into the machine and press the dual arrow button to feed it into the machine.
11. On Design Space you will see on the layers an icon before the name of the flower layer. Make sure you click on the writing one on the flower layer. Then press “Go” and follow the directions.12. The printing will commence! Go grab a quick snack as you wait for it to finish writing.
13. Once it is complete, use the scraper tool to lift the paper slowly off the mat.
14. Next you will want to “hide” the flower image and make the text layer visible. On the layer make sure to click on the small icon and change it to a scissors image. That tells the machine you want to cut and not write.
15. Place the adhesive foil on the mat, non foil side straight onto the mat. I knew what size I wanted so I cut it down to a smaller size. Again, it’s about wasting materials….it drives me nuts. Insert the mat into the machine and press the dual arrow button to feed it into the machine.16. On Design Space press “Go” and follow the directions. You’ll see materials options. Choose Make sure to set your dial on the Cricut machine to “Custom.” Then select the adhesive foil option and press the Cricut button on the machine.
17. Once it has finished cutting, remove the mat and remove the foil from the mat. I used the scraper tool for this.
18. *This part is optional but makes it easier to place the foil letters on the print with more precision and accurate spacing. Cut a big enough piece of transfer tape to cover the words. Then place the transfer tape on top of the shiny part of the foil. Using the pick slowly peel back the foil and leave the letters on the transfer tape. 19. Cut the transfer tape to the edge of the first letter for accurate placement. Then measure where you want it to go on the paper and stick on top of paper. 20. Slowly peel away transfer tape. And you are done!
Phewwww. That was incredibly long winded but I hope it was detailed enough for even a newbie to be able to recreate this project. Let me know if you have any questions. I have this print on my gallery wall and I think it is just perfect for us. My next project will also be using this gold adhesive foil and it is beauty/hair related! Can you guess?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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