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Fun Pokemon 6th Birthday Party

My sweet Oliver turned 6. Every day I am amazed at how quickly they are growing up. It seems they grow overnight as their pants get a little shorter, their hair a little shaggier and their conversations a little more coherent.

It seems Pokemon has taken over this household for the past 3 years. This was my oldest son’s Pokemon party almost 3 years ago. The post went somewhat viral and yet I only posted a letter to my son on his birthday and not so much about the actual party. So on this post I will do both. I can’t remember the games we played at his party thouggh…ahhh. Mom brain.

modern pokemon invitation

While I love paper goods, I love the convenience and ease of digital invitations. I use Evite (the 7×9.5in works fine) so I can keep track of RSVPs easily and it is also super easy for the recipient to see any updates or be reminded of the party. It’s pretty easy to use but I will make a video tutorial for those asking how to use it. I sent out the invitation above.

Activities: When the kids arrived they hurried to the playroom because that is where all the fun is contained, right? They jumped on the trampoline and played foosball while we waited for the other guests to arrive. 

Pikachu hats: Once most of our friends arrived, the kids started on their Pikachu hats.

You can make these ears by cutting two 1.5″ x 12″ strips of yellow card stock paper. One strip isn’t long enough to fit around their heads so I used double sided tape to bind them together. For the ears I just cut two 1.5″x 3.5″ yellow rectangles and angled them to form pointed ears. I really just winged it and cut a bunch at a time. Then I colored in the corner tip with black marker. If you want a more detailed version and a template, Frog Prince Paperie has a great free Pikachu ears template.

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Pokemon hunting: And then we went on a quest to find Pokemon. We used these Pokedex and Pokemon printables from Bombshell Bling for our quest. As I saw this activity on other party sites I was a bit daunted by all the work. But she did it all for you already!! Thank you! All I had to do was print, cut and glue. I cut red card stock to measure 8.5″x 6″ and just glued the paper I printed and cut on it. I had the kids help me glue so it went by super fast.My husband hid them around our yard and house. The kids found them all! Such awesome finders….except when it came to finding their shoes. Hahah! Knock out Team Rocket: This is where we got to “fight” the bad guys Jesse, James and Meowth. We used squishy foam balls to knock them out! I found a picture of them, printed and cut them out individually. I had the kids tape them onto craft paper rolls we had left over from our Christmas project last year. Decor: I kept it simple. Reeaaallly simple. I made a banner, hung some balloons and added ears on the yellow one and cut out a Pikachu silhouette for the cake topper. In all my birthday box stash I couldn’t believe I didn’t’ have a birthday banner so I just cut one out using my Cricut. The Pikachu ears were the same I used for the hats.

Party Favors: I used these muslin bags and printed out these Pokemon favor tags from my shop. Inside I put some mini Pokeballs that open and have toys and stickers inside. I also put mini Pokemon figurines.

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I was a little nervous hosting all those kids without extra help but they were all so well behaved. It was all worth it.

Ollie Bear,

You’ve turned into quite the clown and love to make others smile. Every single one of your teachers just rave about how well you listen and how kind you are to others. I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. I love your smile, your curiosity and your attention to detail. You are my favorite Oliver in the whole world.

Love, Mom

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  2. The simple the better !! I love the cake top what a great idea !!!!

    1. Yes! I like to make it thoughtful with some detail but not go overboard. It is too much work for me! Thank you!