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Exploring Seattle with Seattle Food Tours

I received entry to the Capitol Hill Food Tour compliments of Seattle Food Tours for review. I received no other compensation for this post. As always, opinions are all my own.

Capitol Hill Seattle Food Tour
I know many people scoff at resolutions. I will admit that I don’t always keep mine but I still like to make them. I guess the thing about resolutions is that it makes me feel like I can improve. I know when the year ends I often think about how it could have gone better or things I did that went well that I want to continue.

A few years ago, we went to Connecticut to visit my family. My husband asked about all the “touristy” places around my area and if I had been. He was so surprised I had never really explored where I grew up. I was slightly embarrassed that I didn’t know much about my surroundings. Ever since then we have made it a resolution, if you will, to explore where we live. I mean we pay thousands of dollars to explore someone else’s city when we have so many awesome spots right where we live. Especially in Seattle, we have some really great museums and so much delicious food. Oh the food!

I was able to go on one of the Seattle Food Tours of Capitol Hill. They have a set menu and you walk to five restaurants. I was a little nervous at first because the restaurants served wine with the entrees. It didn’t seem to be a problem though, they just gave me water. And for the price, what you get in terms of food is great.

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Our first stop was at Bar Cotto. We had “torta fritta” or as Coral, our guide, called them “coccoli” in Tuscan (fried dough breads) with Prosciutto Cotto, Mortadella and Salami. My mouth is watering remembering them. We stuffed the meats into the coccoli. It was simply delicious and Coral was super nice, welcoming and really knew her stuff.


capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_bar-cottoThen we walked about a block or so to Le Zinc where we had scallops breaded with comte cheese on a fingerling potato hash, julienne apple and fried taro root. I am actually not a fan of seafood so I really didn’t want to try this. But I wanted to be adventurous and try something new. I will say that the texture was super hard for me to swallow. I had one more bite left and my reflexes got the better of me. However, the taste was exquisite, truly. And the potato hash. Whoa.

capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_le-zincWe then went to Momiji, a Japanese sushi restaurant. We had their butterfly roll with creamy crab, topped w/ tuna, avocado and tobiko. Again with the seafood thing, I was really scared to try this. Coral and the waiter encouraged me to just eat the ones topped with avocado. You guys, I love these rolls now. I ate like 5 of them. I am so happy I am trying new things. My brothers would be proud. When we lived in Provo they always wanted me to go have sushi with them and I just couldn’t do it! Now I know what to order.

capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_momiji The Tin Table was in a super cool old building that also had a ballroom and a cool glass wall. We had smoked steelhead trout served with bacon braised cabbage and apples, buckwheat spaetzle, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of pomegranate syrup. I can’t say that I hate seafood now. The trout was amazing. Amazing. And the spaetzle was incredible. I loved the architecture in the building as well- it was so cool walking around and seeing what else they housed in that building.

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capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_the-tin-table-2 capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_the-tin-tableWe finished the night with gelato at D’Ambrosio Gelato where I got pistachio and nutella gelato. The pistachio was just like the one I had in Italy. And you can never go wrong with nutella.

capitol-hill-seattle-food-tour_d'ambrosio-gelatoI am so excited to explore Seattle. There were so many hidden gems that I would have never had found if I didn’t go on the food tour. I probably would have never tried those foods had I not been “forced” into it. Think about all those things you could be missing out on because you didn’t dare to explore and be adventurous. We, as a family, will most definitely be exploring our city. Who knows how long we will be here. I don’t want to walk away from Seattle and get asked about this place and that place and have to say again, “I haven’t been there.” I want to walk away knowing we really lived in our city. Do you guys know your city pretty well? What is your favorite thing to do there?


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