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I’m sure many of us have days like these right? While I love being comfy and casual most days (read joggers and slouchy tee) I also love getting ready for the day by doing my hair and makeup and maybe putting on non elastic waist pants. Let’s take baby steps though. So one thing that I have found to tame these tresses is a thermal insulating headband that produce these glamorous curls. I don’t damage my hair by using Savvy Curls plus I don’t lose that time I would have spent curling my thick hair. While I am wearing this I was doing dishes, responding to emails and feeding my baby. Gosh I love multi-tasking. Efficiency is key here. We all have limited time and we choose the things we will give our time to. For me, I will invest those 5 minutes it takes to put on the headband and curl my hair to have a day that I feel put together and productive.