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DIY Pom Pom and Wood Holiday Garland

It snowed in Seattle! In November! I felt it would be a little early to put up holiday crafts in early November but then it snowed and I knew it was ok. Don’t worry, I’ll post some Thanksgiving ones, too. I’m joining up with 30 Minute Crafts on their Craft Lightning Holiday Projects which features December Holiday crafts that take 15 minutes or less. That’s right- only 15 minutes. That means you can do these during one show. You’re welcome 🙂

I love pom poms (it reminds me of my Peruvian heritage), neutrals (because color is hard for me to commit to- ha!), and garlands are super simple so it made sense I combined those to make this super versatile winter/any holiday garland. Now, just take this and make it your own. If you love color, add color! Paint the wood beads, use colorful yard and washi tape. Go crazy!

Materials: (links contain affiliate links)
wood beads
embroidery floss (get at craft store if you don’t think you’ll use an entire pack)
wood rings
embroidery needle
washi tape
loome pom pom tool or use these

What To Do:

Start by making your pom poms. Make a number of pom poms depending on how long you want it. I just made 3 and it could have strung perfectly on my mantle if I put it on there straight. If you need a visual on how to make them poms, here is a pom pom video tutorial. Making the pom poms is what will take you the longest.

Figure out your pattern. I did ball, pom pom, ball, ring, ball, pom pom, ball, ring, etc.

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Using embroidery thread (I used sewing thread and it gets too tangled) cut about 36.” Thread the needle and insert into wood ball. I went through once and back around the ball so it wouldn’t shift. Do the same with the wood rings. With the pom poms you can just go through the center.

Once you’ve threaded all of your items, lay it out and make sure they are evenly spread.

Using wash tape, tape the ends. And you’re done. Easiest 15 minutes right?

I actually love using neutral colors because they are so versatile. Could be because I am terrified of committing to a color…..but let’s just go with neutrals go with everything. Keeping it up for Thanksgiving all the way through Valentine’s Day. Just accent with a little bit of color that coordinates with the different holidays in between and there you have the simplest DIY holiday decor.

Make sure to check out the Craft Lightning Holiday Projects and get working 😉 You still have a month to get your craft on. Grab some friends or snuggle up in bed and binge on Netflix. Isn’t it just the happiest time of the year??

3 thoughts on “DIY Pom Pom and Wood Holiday Garland

  1. These Pom Poms are so cute!!

  2. I really love minimal decor like this. So cozy and textural!

  3. So cute! I would totally leave this one up all year!