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DIY Personalized Quiet Time Bag + Toys To Go Inside

This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.

You know how when you are sitting at the doctor’s with your well behaved kids in tow or sitting in the pews at church with your kids with their arms folded and quietly listening to the speaker? If you do, then you are a magical unicorn mom. If not, well, you are in good company.

We were running late to church so we just grabbed our church bag and bolted. As we sat between two families and our kids were much more interested in the fun toys they had. We, of course, were ill prepared since we just ran out the door and it was then that I realized, I have to put together a better “quiet bag.” I’ve been carrying around the same items for the last 2 years and the items had become trite to the kids. While my older kids should be able to sit quietly, my younger ones still struggle. I found some fun quiet time items to keep them from going crazy at church and actually let us listen to the speakers. Just bein’ honest guys.

I went to The Baby Cubby’s website to look at their products. Something I love about this company is that they are more than just a store. The company is run by a couple with a team of parents who serve as a reachable resource for baby products. It’s like a curated shop, tested by parents who have or are currently in the same stages of parenthood. Just ask them via their social media channels! They even have videos of how to use products or reviews on their YouTube Channel. I know it must be a good product if they sell it. If you are in Utah and are in the market for a stroller, go to their store in Lindon and try out their stroller track. It is amazing! And listen to this, they price match- even Amazon! Order over $49 and get free shipping. These are some of my favorite items right now that are available on their site:

  1. Hape Magnetic Maze – this is great for non-writers since they can’t do the paper mazes. It is a little bulky but entertaining. I like that it doesn’t have pieces you can lose.
  2. Chalkboard Book with chalk holder – for the budding artists these are great. Also very eco-friendly since you aren’t wasting paper.
  3. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks – these are the best. They are easy enough for toddlers to use and still fun for the older kids. They can really use their imaginations to build some cool stuff like this:
  4. Hape Zoo Animal Puzzle – I love that it is just one item but has six different animal themes. 
  5. Reptangles – These are great for the detailed oriented kids. Perfect for my future little architect.
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And you’ll obviously need a quiet time bag to put all these awesome products in, right? I personalized this bag for my daughter so she could put in her own quiet time items that will keep her occupied. Obviously we had to put a unicorn and her name on it!

Iron on material
iron + ironing board
canvas tote bag (washed and dried)
cutting machine + mat
thin dish towel
weeder tool

  1. You can use any image and text in the Cricut image gallery to personalize your tote bag with iron on transfer. I made my own. Make sure to flip it so it is a mirror image.
  2. This is where I messed up. I put the shiny plastic side up. Ahhh totally wasted a roll of iron on material. Make sure to put the plastic side on the mat.
  3. Using a cutting machine (or scissors if it is a simple cut out) and set it on the iron on setting.
  4. Remove the pieces that are not part of the design with the weeder tool.
  5. Remove the material along with the plastic side off the mat.
  6. Iron the canvas. The heat will help the iron on to stick better.
  7. Place the  material on the tote bag with the shiny plastic side on the top. Place the thin towel over the plastic. If you iron on the plastic it will warp and that will warp the iron on transfer as well.
  8. Set iron on cotton setting and press the iron on for about 10 seconds. Do not rub the iron around, just press, lift and press. You will have to repeat this on the same spot a few times and then move to another spot. It takes a while to heat up the iron on enough to stick onto the canvas.
  9. Test a corner to see if it has stuck. Once it has, remove the plastic slowly. Then place the thin towel on the iron on and iron it again. This helps it really stick.
  10. You are done! Make sure when you wash it to turn it inside out just to preserve the iron on.
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I love it. Tell me what you put in your quiet bags!

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