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DIY Paint Splatter Gift Bags + Gift Idea for Moms

DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-ThymesSome of the best gifts I have gotten have been simple thoughtful ones- not necessarily expensive ones but ones that have shown me this person really thought about me and chose a gift specific to my likes, quirks and needs. My husband will sometimes bring me my favorite candy bar and all is well in the world! In preparing for gift giving I like to think the presentation is just as important. Time doesn’t always allow for a cute presentation but for this particular gift I wanted to make the packaging special and am excited to share a gift idea for moms.

With Mother’s Day around the corner and me feeling more homesick than ever, I wanted to pick out special things for a special mother. I thought of her situation and the things she may need and of course what she likes. With this mother, I know that she is selfless- she continues to take care of her grown children and grand children even when she has much more important things to take care of. She sends her grand kids holiday packages and doesn’t miss a birthday. Somehow with the trials that she is facing, she still manages to take care of her family when she is the one that needs to be cared for…even though she doesn’t like to hear that!

For the inside contents of the gift bag I thought of two things in helping determine what fragrances I would choose from the Thymes collections. Because I ordered online it is hard to determine the smell but now that I have received the ones I chose and the sample kit that you get when you order of $25  (use code MOMSDAY15) I just love them all. Each has its benefits and I know for me, fragrances have really helped me with my mood and health. And Thymes “opts for natural, high quality, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ingredients whenever possible. They use botanical extracts with health enhancing nutrients, vitamins and vital antioxidants.” Sounds perfectly suited for the special Mom I have in mind.

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1. What fragrances remind me of her? Thymes has made it really easy determine categories and lists them such as floral, fresh, woodsy and citrus. Her personality isn’t woodsy but could be floral and fresh. She is always stylish and taking care of herself. I knew fragrances would really add a fun touch to her beauty routine.

2. What fragrances might be beneficial to her? I knew woodsy was out but perhaps citrus would help her with any nausea she was feeling and fresh might, too.

DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-Thymes_4Now that we picked out some delicious scents to include in the gift bags, it is time to talk about the gift bags themselves. I bought these for Ashton’s party and had several left over. Not only can this be used as a gift bag but it is reusable for anything you want to store in it! Bonus, I know this special Mom loves to save gift bags! And you guys, this is so easy! And quick! I want to paint splatter all the fabric….

Time: 10 minutes (including drying time)


Muslin gift bags

mini spray bottle

acrylic paint (color of your choice) I chose lavender

fabric paint medium


small piece of cardboard (big enough to fit in gift bag)




1. Mix a drop of acrylic paint and fabric medium (follow its directions) and 1/8 cup of water in a mini spray bottle. You could use a regular spray bottle but I literally sprayed maybe 10 times for this project so you really don’t need that much.

2. Insert piece of cardboard into the muslin bag so it doesn’t bleed onto the other side.

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3. Spray from about 6″ away. I did a maximum of 3 sprays on each side but it all depends on the look you want to give it. I also just wanted one color but feel free to add more colors!

4. I waited about 4 minutes until it dried and then turned the bag around and sprayed the other side.

5. Wait to dry and now you are ready to insert awesome goodies to gift.

DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-Thymes_5I really love how these turned out and it doesn’t take away from the gift itself. I know as I was thinking of a gift idea for Moms I wanted the outside to be as thoughtful as the inside. I ended up choosing Mirabelle Plum and Tupelo Lemongrass Lip Duo to help with her lips as they can get dry with her treatments and the citrus smell can help with any nausea. And of course the bath salts (Eucalyptus and Lavender) are to help her relax but also nourish and revive her skin. I don’t really wear perfume because the spray is too much for my super sensitive nose and allergies so I thought that the Mirabelle Plum and Aqua Coralline Rollerballs would be a great way to smell great without it being overbearing.

DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-Thymes_8DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-Thymes_7DIY-Paint-Splatter-Muslin-Gift-Bags-with-Thymes_6Now you are armed with fresh and fun fragrance choices as a gift idea for moms as well as a simple way to embellish a muslin gift bag. What other ideas do you guys have for the special women in your lives?


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