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DIY Modern Halloween Spider Web Wreath

I know I know. Spiders. But they just scream Halloween to me without being too scary. Well, scary for my kids. I swear the fake spiders kept moving. Also, in theme with simplicity this is as easy and simple as they get.

I was tempted to not really decorate but seeing my kids faces get so excited seeing all the spooky things around is what makes it worth it. Keeping things magical and full of illusion for the kids even when it is as simple as putting up some cobwebs and fake spiders.

Making this is so easy. It took me maybe 5 minutes. You have 5 minutes right? And I’ve linked the items you need to order. You can get them in 2 days with Amazon Prime– the best thing on Earth. Or they are simple enough to get at any craft store.

spider web + fake spiders
gold macrame hoop
door hook


The spider web material is rather stretchy so a little goes a long way. I used a piece as big as my hand that I cut from the rest of the material.

Stretch the web over the hoop. I tucked in the ends through the web itself because it is pretty sticky. Place the spiders around the web. It may take a little finagling to get them to really stick on. I think odd numbers work best but use what you’ve got when placing them.

If you don’t have a hook on your door, the stick on ones are great to use. Just wipe down the area, remove the backing and stick on the hook.And if you aren’t really wanting to make something, I found these great Halloween door hangings you could use instead.

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One thought on “DIY Modern Halloween Spider Web Wreath

  1. Such a simple and cute idea!! I agree: Spiders are spooky without being gory and officially scary.