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DIY Halloween Candles

Another non-scary Halloween decoration that you can make and probably already have everything on hand. Best of all, it took less than five minutes. I thought about using red but the younger kids wouldn’t like the bloody resemblance. What can I say, my kids are easily creeped out.

lighter (you can use the other lighters but it kept burning my finger since it was so close to the fire)
taper candles
black crayon
wax paper or rag
mason jar

What To Do:

Prep the area by putting wax paper down on the table.

Place the candle in the jar to have it stay in place.

Peel the wrapper off the crayon. Using the lighter, melt the crayon over the candle. Make sure to rotate the candle so the wax of the crayon spreads evenly. There you go! Non spooky or bloody candles. Kid friendly. And cheap. You’re welcome.

Here are some other Halloween candles that should make your list if you don’t want to DIY.

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