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DIY Valentine’s Day Gold Foil Lips Bobby Pins

This post was sponsored by Cricut. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supposrting the brands that support this blog!

Nothing like an upcoming holiday (that’s tomorrow) to get you in a frantic state of last minute crafting. I like being festive and decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but the other holidays get a little left out. While I didn’t really decorate for Valentine’s Day this year, I did make some accessories for the girls and myself. I like subtly celebrating and these gold foil bobby pin lips can be worn for Valentine’s Day or any other day because they are just so dang cute.

I know, another gold foil and Cricut post! I just can’t stop with this machine. There are just soo many many things to create! Let’s get to it because you have like a day to get festive.

chipboard or thick card stock
adhesive foil
deep cut blade (only if using chipboard)
bobby pins
super glue
transfer tape
lips template found on Design Space  (#M330CC)

What To Do:

  1. Open up Design Space and start a new project.
  2. Insert image of your choice. Go to “insert images” and in the search box type “lips.” The one on the image is #M330CC. We are making lips but you can use any image and follow the same instructions. I linked the image that is available on Design Space but I actually used my own image I illustrated on the final project.
  3. Adjust image size by dragging the lower right corner. You’ll want to make sure the length covers the bobby pin (at least 2 inches wide). I used both small and large bobby pins in the project. If you want to make multiple of the same size and image just select the image layer on the right and click “Duplicate.”
  4. Set up the images on the on screen board the way you want them to cut. I always set them at the top left.
  5. Set up your mat with the chipboard or card stock. I cut it down to size because it is easier to remove from the mat. In this case I made 4 sets of lips so my materials were cut down to 2×4″ strips each. Make sure the chipboard is set up at the top left or whatever way you set the images on the onscreen mat. Also make sure you have the deep cut blade inserted.
  6. Click the double arrows on the machine to feed the mat into the machine.
  7. On Design Space, click the icon on image layer. Select the scissors image.
  8. Click the image layer(s) and on the top under the “layers” option click “weld.”
  9. Click “Go” on Design Space.
  10. On this screen you can see if the images are within the mat space and adjust accordingly.
  11. Click “Go” on the bottom right of the screen.
  12.  It will prompt you to set the dial on the machine. Set that to custom. Then on screen select “chipboard” and then press the button on the machine to start.
  13. Remove the chipboard using the metal spatula tool and set aside.
  14. Repeat step 5 with the adhesive foil and feed the mat into the machine. You can leave the deep cut blade in or switch it to the regular. I left it in and it was fine.
  15. Make sure to switch the cutting settings because this foil isn’t as thick as the chipboard. Then select the adhesive foil option and press the Cricut button on the machine.
  16. Cut transfer tape to overlap the lips and place on foil side.
  17. Gently remove from the backing paper (like in this last gold foil project). Take the chipboard and place that on the sticky side of the transfer paper aligning with the lips.
  18. Press firmly and rub your fingers along to remove any air bubbles.
  19. Dab some super glue on the side points of the lips and press the bobby pin firmly on it. Let dry for about 20 minutes.
  20. You’re done!
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I’m not a super lover of holiday attire but I do like subtle holiday nods. Like this. What about you guys? Do you get all dressed up for Valentine’s Day by wearing red, pink, hearts, etc?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.