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Crafting with Kids: Father’s Day Card

Doesn’t it seem like every time you see your kids they look a little older, their pants are a little shorter and you have to buy them sneakers for the 3rd time this year?! And I see them all the time. To our dismay, we don’t see the grandparents very often. We used to but now that our family has grown and flight prices have been increasing it is much harder to fly across the country. So I thought that sending the grandads pictures, actual tangible pictures, of the kids as their Father’s Day card so they could see them every time they walked by the fridge. Let’s be honest, the grandparents really just want you to bring the grandkids but not to see you, they want to see the kids!

This card is super easy and you may have to help the younger ones with the cutting but the kids can color or sticker-fy the cut out hands so they can make it their own.

white matte photo paper or cardstock
picture cut to 4×4″
brads/paper fasteners
colored card stock
Father’s Day card printable


  1. Print out printable (that I designed for you) and cut cards out
  2. Trace the child’s hand onto colored paper using a pencil
  3. Cut out the hands
  4. Glue the picture in the blank area of the card.
  5. Poke a hole through the bottom of the hands and then through the photo and card.
  6. Insert and close brad.

You’re done! If you have multiple kids you can just use the hands of the youngest child and insert a picture of all the kids together. Or trace all the hands with marker into one and cut out the biggest traced hands so you can see all the hands.How cute is that smile? I’m sure the abuelitos will be happy to see their grandkids’ smiling faces. Maybe it’s too late to mail it now but save (PIN) it for next year:

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Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. I love it!!!! Great job!!!!