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Connecting Through Fashion

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Is it shallow of me to think that fashion is more than just superficial- but that it can serve as a way to connect? When I see someone wearing a beautiful piece of clothing, I usually tell them. It often starts with a compliment and then leads to a conversation. And then sometimes friendship:
I remember one of the first times meeting my sister in law and she was wearing a hoodie with gorgeous pearl earrings after an evening at a bonfire. My husband, her brother, later told me that she knew we’d get along because we were both wearing the same thing. Silly? Yes. But, it’s true!

When I was growing up, I remember my feet dragging as I tried walking in my mother’s beautiful high-heeled shoes.  With two daughters of my own, I observe them doing the same thing: rummaging through my closet, finding their favorite pair of heels, trying on clothes 5x much larger than their little bodies. They hold up my skirts under their underarms, gathering all the lose fabric and spin. Seeing how “flowy” their skirt can get evokes laughter and applause from my little girls.

My daughters squeal when they notice they are matching with each other or matching me. It makes us feel connected. Just like when in middle school you’d call your friend and make sure you planned matching outfits. It’s an outward statement of your connection. And that makes you feel special and loved. I mean, who doesn’t love that? My girls want to feel connected to me- connected to each other. And this time of wanting to “match mom” is fleeting. So, I will relish in our “twinning” moments. And thanks to Reebok for making a classic style shoe for both kids and adults. Their Classic Leather Shoes have stood the test of time. The same overall style but with really fun and bright colors gives them a modern touch as well as a burst of personality. While I love this shoe because it’s practicality to match everything, I picked this bright pink and red shoe for Madeleine because she is just such a character. Her personality is like a bright sorbet- which you can see from her shoes. I kind of wish they made those in my size!

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Whatever Classic Leather Shoes you pick, get FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING with the Reebok promo code: CLASSICFAST. They fit true to size and are so incredibly comfortable. Tell me which ones you’d get in the comments. I may have to snag another pair!

3 thoughts on “Connecting Through Fashion

  1. Love the shoes!! They take me back!! Great post Brenda! I’ll keep you posted on what I get ?

  2. Soak in the matchy-matchy phase while you can! I don’t think its shallow of you to feel that way at all!!!!

    1. I know! They grow up and want to be independent so quickly! Thank you for your comment, Maria. XX