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Seahawks Fashion

When I move, I go all in. Meaning, while I still miss Utah like crazy, Seattle is my home now. And having grown up in New England I should be rooting for the Patriots but I can’t- I will feel like a traitor. So moving to Seattle means that while I love and appreciate my past homes, I have to be a loyal citizen- except in soccer.

But truthfully, I am not a huge sports fan. I really just like the social aspect of watching a sports game. And today’s game (Seahawks vs. Packers) was insane! My friend and I were busy upstairs putting food together while the kids and our husbands played downstairs. By the time we came down there was 15 minutes left on the clock and our team (I’ve already adapted them as my own!) was down by a lot. Our friend kept saying, “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.” And in a miraculous 2 minutes everything changed and the Seahawks won! I wish I knew football terminology because everything that happened was insane and we somehow got it together and scored the winning touchdown in overtime. And now we are going to the Superbowl! And if you know me at all you know I’m not into football but I like to have get togethers and eat some good food. I made these last year for the Superbowl.

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Favorite Fall Activities + Coupons

With the weather starting to cool down- well, if you are in Utah it is cold one minute and 85 the next, and with school starting and the leaves falling, I am ready for some Fall activities (and coupons)!  I love Fall in Utah and some of our favorite activities of all time take place in the Fall. I have put together a great list of Corn Maze Coupons and some Fall Festival coupons nationwide thanks to

I personally love the fall (especially fall fashion) and cannot wait to take my kids on our favorites: hayrides, go pumpkin picking, getting lost in the corn maze, drinking apple cider, going to Cornbelly’s and just enjoy some good quality time with my family. I hope these coupons make it a little easier to create some special fall memories with your loved ones!

These were some of last year’s fall festivities. I am behind the camera….as usual!

fallfestivals_cornbellys_2 fallfestival_cornbellys_3 fallfestivals_cornbellys_1 fallfestivals_ponyridesYou can download valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities below:

Schnepf Farms – Queen City

Forneris Farms – Mission Hills

Anderson Farms – Erie
Flat Acres Farm – Parker
Fritzler Maze – La Salle
Sunflower Farm – Longmont
Mile High Farms – Bennett
Wishing Star Farm – Calhan
Harvest Farm – Wellington

Devine Acres Farm – Devine
Fiesta Farm – San Antonio
Yesterland Farm – Canton
South Texas Maize – Hondo
Dewberry Farm – Brookshire
Brazos Valley Maize– Brenham

CM Farms – Dry Creek

Lane Southern Orchards – Fort Valley
Poppell Farms – Odum

Farmer Charley’s Corn Maze Adventure – Monroe

Amazing Fall Fun – Waterloo
Harvest Tyme Pumpkin Patch – Lowell
Hobson’s Fun Farm – Rockville

All Seasons Orchard – Woodstock
Kuipers Family Farm – Maple Park
Odyssey Fun Farm – Tinley Park
Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm – Lockport

Summers Farm – Fredrick County

Sauchuk Farm – Plympton


KC Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze – Gardner
Shuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch – Pleasant Hill

Seward Farms Maze – Lucedale

Afton Apple Orchard – Hastings

The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm – Billings

Camp Fontanelle – Nickerson

VonThun Farms – Monmouth Junction
Sahl’s Father Son Farm – Egg Harbor City

New York
Wright Family Farm – Warwick
Harbes Family Farm – Mattituck

North Carolina
Patterson Farm Market and Tours – Mount Ulla

The Corn Maze at the Sharp Run Market – Millersburg
Meadow View Growers – New Carlisle


Hurricane Hill Farm – Coatsville
Triple B Farms – Pittsburgh
Reillys Summer Seat Farm
 – Pittsburgh

Rhode Island
Confreda Greenhouses & Farms – Hope (Western Cranston)

Cows-N-Corn – Midland
Wayside Farm Fun – Berryville
Belvedere Plantation – Fredericksburg

Cornbelly’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest – Spanish Fork

For Daily Updates on these coupons and coupons for other family attractions please visit and bookmark:


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Father’s Day and Printable

I have recently become a contributor to the cutest blog ever. I met Angelina, of JoJo And Eloise, at the SNAP Conference back in April. She was such a sweetheart and oh so beautiful! I am so excited to be a design contributor offering free printables every month. This month I wanted to share with everyone a fun card and tags for your Father’s Day festivities. Get your free printables here!


I would like to dedicate this post to very special fathers in my life. One, being my own father.

While our relationship hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, my father has taught me invaluable lessons. As a parent myself, I now realize certain things he did were done out of love and protection. My seven o’clock curfew, although insane and unfair (haha!) is just a father trying to protect his only daughter from the wild boys out there. Others have proven that he is human and we all make mistakes. I want my children to see that I am human and have feelings and will make mistakes but I will try my hardest to be the best mother I can be. And most importantly, he has taught me about forgiveness and true change of heart.

Now, this was the hardest lesson of all and took me several years to understand this concept. However, I was able to see and feel a difference when one was given a chance to change and forget the past. Truly forget the past and start over. I am so grateful for a father that has never given up and has the hardest working ethic of anyone I know. Including my workaholic husband! He has encouraged me to follow my dreams. I know he gave some of his up so his little family could have a better life. I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices he made to make sure we had everything we needed. I am still my Daddy’s little girl and I am so honored to have him as a father.


The second being my husband, a wonderful father to our children.

Our kids absolutely worship this man. They literally bounce off their chairs to run up to him and shower him with hugs and kisses. I am pretty much chopped liver once daddy is home. He isn’t one of those parents that just watch their kids play (guilty sometimes) but he is one of the kids with them. We seriously would have the neighborhood kids coming over asking if he could come out to play. Sometimes I think he would make a better stay at home dad, but let’s face it, I wouldn’t really be bringing much home.

I will admit that I was a bit worried, when we had our little girl, that she would be left out since he doesn’t really know much about girls (how we even ended up getting married is a whole different story!). But he is so smitten by her and she with him. She jumps out of my arms when she sees her daddy. Nothing pleases me more than to see so much love between a father and his children. True love is shown by the millionth time he draws a Hydra for Ashton, wakes up in the wee hours of the night to feed Adelle, and how he tries patiently to persuade Ollie to conquer his fears. This man has my heart and the heart of our children forever and always.

IMG_2591 IMG_2476(My kids have inherited his sweet dancing moves)

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there (not that dads read my blog). Ladies, tell your Dads/husbands/etc. how much you appreciate them because sometimes I feel like they get forgotten or ridiculed. They are such an important part of our children’s lives and do so much for their families.

Happy Weekend!

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Traveling and Moving

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We just got back on Sunday from a much needed month long vacation out East.  We visited my family in CT for a couple of weeks and then my husband’s family in NJ.  We had such an incredible time and only wish our vacation was longer.  Vacation details to come.  But alas, we return to reality.

Our trip home was a doozy and even had an unsolicited opinion about how we should stop having kids. Look at them: they sure are wild but man, are they awesome.  Boo to you, Mr. Grumpy Old Man.kidsatairportWe managed to get home and now we are doing a lot of this:IMG_4077

We are renting my friend’s house for the year so my husband can be closer to school.  My kids keep telling me this house is better than our old one.  Ashton even cried when I told him we were just borrowing this house.  He wants to live here forever.  With a big backyard and a park a stone’s throw away, this is a little kid’s paradise!

The house itself is an older home with a lot of character.  My friend and her husband did a lot of remodeling and I think it is fantastic.  Can’t wait to give you the home tour!

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Our Memorial Day and Panzanella Recipe


I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one spent with friends and family as we honored those that gave their life for our country and freedoms.  We spent the day riding the quads, in the urgent care (Ashton’s ear canal was so swollen the ear drops for his swimmer’s ear wasn’t draining) swimming, playing in the playground, talking, celebrating my niece’s birthday and watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Memorial Day Special.

Did I mention we also had delicious food?? So, I was in charge of making this Panzanella dish and got so many compliments! My sisters in law were teasing me about taking pictures of my ingredients and final product for my blog- how do they look guys? I seriously love this dish. It is so fresh, light and can be a meal (just add chicken) or a side dish, plus it looks so pretty with all those vibrant colors!  I like to chill the veggies and vinaigrette for about 20 minutes before I add in the bread but you don’t have to. Here is the recipe. Stop drooling and go make this. My mother in law suggested we use some left over garlic bread instead of normal French or Ciabatta bread.  I prefer the garlic bread!

1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Orange Bell Pepper
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1/2-1 Medium Onion
1 English Cucumber
1 pint of Cherry Tomatoes
1 loaf of Garlic Bread
2 tsp Olive Oil
Feta Cheese

Vinaigrette Ingredients
1/2 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard
1 tsp Dried Oregano

-Cut up all vegetables into chunks and place into bowl.
-Mix last six ingredients in a small bowl with a whisk.
-Stick veggies with vinaigrette in fridge for about 20 minutes- this lets all the juices and flavors mix.
-Cut up garlic bread into chunks.
-Heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a pan.  Place bread pieces into pan and cook until crunchy.  Make sure to stir around frequently for about 5 minutes or so.
-Mix in the bread with the vegetables. Add feta cheese pieces to your liking. Add the vinaigrette mix and stir.  For best results, eat immediately or else bread will get soggy.



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Mother’s Day Garden Party + Kids Free Printable

After becoming a mother almost 5 years ago, there are so many things that I have realized and appreciated so much more from my Mom. I sense the heartache she felt as she sees her children grow up and need her less and less…but then come back to need her more and more (aka ME!). I see that, with my own children. as they want to be independent and play with their friends. I see it in the future when my kids will want to hang out at a friend’s house and not tell me everything that happened at school.  I see it as I picture my kids getting married and starting their own families and can’t visit as often as they used to.  I want to cherish these little moments where my children still want to hold my hand and shower me with kisses; where they will sit on my lap and let me hold them and love them.

I made this print with those ideas in mind.  “Mom’s hold their children’s hands for a short while but their hearts forever.”  That although kids grow up and won’t need your help as they cross the street, their hearts will always be yours.  Husbands can help trace the child’s handprint on these in the shape of a heart if you wish. Or they can just color it in and send it to Grandma.  Whomever you send it to, I hope they feel that eternal love you have for them, no matter how old you are.

Here is a free printable 8×10 print for you to enjoy and share.  We had such a wonderful time at this Mother’s Day Garden Party I hosted.  I was joined by my lovely friend, Shannon and my sister, ShannonCindy captured these sweet moments with our children and the beautiful details of the party.

CCA_6858sun CCA_6873sun CCA_6654sun CCA_6662sun CCA_6826sun CCA_6660sun CCA_6880sun CCA_6760sun CCA_6656sun CCA_6680sun CCA_6798sun CCA_6737sun CCA_6822sun CCA_6786sun

Alright, I admit it, I am a Mommy’s girl.  I still cry when she has to leave after spending a couple of weeks with us.  I call her for recipes, child rearing advice, decorating ideas and just about everything else every few days.  This 28 yr old mother of three still needs her Mommy.  She has helped me with my kids after every delivery and surgery (oh, my body hates me).  She visits me as much as she can with my 3 year old brother- that’s right, people! She is a grandma and still has a toddler of her own.  She is the most emotionally strong person I have ever met, yet she is so sensitive and forgiving of everyone.  I love seeing her break loose with her friends and be silly with my Dad.  When I was little, I just saw her as “Mom” and not so much a real person- you know, one with feelings and dreams and desires.  She was just my Mom who helped me with my projects, made us sweet meals 3 times a day and loved me even though I was being a brat.  I not only love her because she is my Mom, but because she is a lovable person full of personality. I feel so blessed to have a Mom that can talk to me like a Mother should (and put me in my place when I need it) but treat me like a friend, a confidante and a daughter. You guys, my Mom pretty much rocks.

Have a great rest of the week! I will be enjoying some downtime with my family as we travel back East to Connecticut and New Jersey. XOXO

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SNAP 2013: Business Cards Part 1

Business cards, people! Business cards are the remnants of a fun filled weekend packed with DIYers, crafters and the likes. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend SNAP, a blogging conference. It was an amazing experience where I met such wonderful, talented and generous people and was able to learn so so much about blogging.  Guys, my brain is about to explode with all the knowledge I have gained! If you get the opportunity to go to a blogging conference or meetup, GO! If anything, you get to meet and talk to some out of this world talent.

Here are just some of the beautiful business cards I received from so many talented bloggers.  Visit and peruse their blogs- you won’t be sorry.


1 Creative Juice 2 PolkaDot Chair 3 Armelle Blog 4 The House of Smiths 5 Elise’s Pieces 6 Pink Parlor Designs 7 Violet Hill Boutique 8 Inspire Lovely 9 Elle Dee Designs 10 Stunningly Strange 11 Sew Crafty Kids 12 Craft Snob 13 Giggles Galore 14 6th Street Design School 15 JoJo & Eloise 16 Freshly Picked

And these are mine: businesscards_frommewithlove

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Refashion: T-Shirt into Dress/Tunic for Baby

I have held onto barely worn t-shirts hoping that someday I will fit back into them.  *Not gonna happen after having 3 babies!* So I decided to refashion those tees into a dress and tunic for Adelle.  This is nothing new and I bet you could find more technical versions on the internet.  It is pretty simple although sewing on knit fabric (for me) is kind of trial and error.

I pinned around a shirt that fit Adelle like a dress.  Then, I just sewed along the lines.  I didn’t hem it because knit doesn’t fray- yay! The collar is kind of annoying but after I tried it on her, I measured where it fit around her neck and just sewed a line on a very acute angle. (sorry for the crappy pictures- night time is my only time to work).

DSC_0613-copy DSC_0629 DSC_0632Her yellow belt (a headband) and her headband are from Chloe Rose Couture (I made her logo!)

Happy Weekend!