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Crafting with Kids: Father’s Day Card

Doesn’t it seem like every time you see your kids they look a little older, their pants are a little shorter and you have to buy them sneakers for the 3rd time this year?! And I see them all the time. To our dismay, we don’t see the grandparents very often. We used to but now that our family has grown and flight prices have been increasing it is much harder to fly across the country. So I thought that sending the grandads pictures, actual tangible pictures, of the kids as their Father’s Day card so they could see them every time they walked by the fridge. Let’s be honest, the grandparents really just want you to bring the grandkids but not to see you, they want to see the kids! Continue reading Crafting with Kids: Father’s Day Card

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Tips to Coordinating Kid’s Easter Outfits

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

baby easter dress | baby sandals (sold out but linked to similar)

toddler easter dress | sandals | headbands (similar)

I think there are only a handful of times when I am actively trying to get my kids to wear coordinating/matching outfits: Christmas, Easter and when we take family pictures. Any more and I’d drive myself mad! Running from store to store trying to pick out something that matches the other store’s outfit and the one in the closet…..ahhh it’s just too much. I rarely go to store anymore. I prefer to online shop and that makes things easier but after having to plan for multiple of these events for years already, I’ve learned a few things when trying to coordinate outfits for my kids for special days like Easter.

  1. Try to shop from one store. Stores, like Carter’s, usually have a unifying color palette throughout their departments from babies to kids. I got shirts, shoes, bowties (the ones I got sold out but linked to similar one) and dress shorts for my boys that coordinate perfectly with the girls’ cute spring dresses. And if you can find shoes, bonus!
  2. Pick a statement piece (like a bold floral pattern) for one or two people to wear. Then pick subtler (like light stripes or even a solid color) coordinating pieces for everyone else. For those wearing the subtler main piece, try to sneak in a little oomph with texture (like a crochet dress), a patterned shirt layered under, a patterned bow tie or embroidered bottoms. Alternating the patterns (within patterns and from top to bottom pieces) is important so doesn’t look cluttered and overloaded.
  3. Know before you go. If you are planning on going to the physical store, then I say you have to do your research and check their online store. See what they have and see if it matches your criteria. It saves you from having to go from store to store to see what they have. When shopping for multiple kids I also look for coupons or promo codes because…ouch! Kids grow out of their stuff quickly (goodbye baby clothes) and it hurts to spend all that money! So if I can save some money I will look for it! Lucky for you I have a special 25% off Carter’s coupon promo code that you can use online or in-store when you spend $40. My kids just steal the show, huh? I can’t wait to take pictures of them all dressed up for Easter before we head to church…or maybe after because church is too early we are always rushing to get there on time.

It is still a little cool here but my kids are anxious for spring weather so they can stock up on some more cute and stylish tees and knit shorts so they can play in the sun comfortably and alllll dayyyy long! And can’t forget the swimwear….. my little fishies live in the water in the summer time.

I wish you well on your journey to dress your kids this coming Easter. Seriously, I know it can be a pain but it’s only a couple of times a year. Can’t wait to see all the kiddos in their darling Easter outfits. Tag me on Instagram so I can see!



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DIY Valentine’s Day Gold Foil Lips Bobby Pins

Nothing like an upcoming holiday (that’s tomorrow) to get you in a frantic state of last minute crafting. I like being festive and decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but the other holidays get a little left out. While I didn’t really decorate for Valentine’s Day this year, I did make some accessories for the girls and myself. I like subtly celebrating and these gold foil bobby pin lips can be worn for Valentine’s Day or any other day because they are just so dang cute. Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Gold Foil Lips Bobby Pins

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Introducing Cricut Air 2 + Easy Faux Stamped Gold Foil Art Print Tutorial

I remember laying in the hospital, starving and watching infomercials. Infomercials are what kept me from going crazy from hunger. Because of an upcoming emergency surgery I wasn’t allowed to eat to get my pancreas related levels low. I remember seeing the Cricut Expression in action and knew I needed to have it. A cutting machine that could intricately cut paper for me? My creative soul could see so many projects I could make, especially since I love throwing parties. It’s a good thing Santa ended up getting it for me for Christmas. And as much as I loved the Expression, it lacked more customization which as a graphic designer I felt I needed. Continue reading Introducing Cricut Air 2 + Easy Faux Stamped Gold Foil Art Print Tutorial

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Our Christmas and Holiday Card

Fun interactive Christmas and holiday card by Brenda BirdWith all the social media around it’s amazing to know what people DON’T know about your life, right?

I wanted to share snippets of our life throughout the year in our card with a fun True or False game. I remember receiving something like this years ago from one of our favorite families and thought it was a great idea. I love the idea of an interactive card, so we have tried to do things like this in our past Christmas/New Year’s (…or another holiday since we aren’t always on the ball!) cards as well as try to make it personal by sharing a message. Continue reading Our Christmas and Holiday Card

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Seattle Fun: Christmas Time at Pacific Place

Christmas in Seatte- Pacific Place fun It’s Christmas time in the city! We are going on our 3rd year here in Seattle but this is the first time we will be here for Christmas. The past couple of years we have had so much fun getting to know our city and have these favorite Christmas traditions but this year we will have more time to enjoy them.

This post was sponsored by Pacific Place but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this little blog.

I hurried the kids out the door, letters to Santa in hand, and shuttled them into the car. I was a little nervous we’d miss the Snow Show at Pacific Place. We took a wrong turn that set us back several minutes causing us to miss the 6 pm show but I am so happy that they also have one at 7 all days, except Sunday. The kids did not believe Santa was really here in the mall, which is hilarious to me because I grew up always seeing Santa at the mall. But then they saw him and were so excited and a little nervous to give him their wishlist. Continue reading Seattle Fun: Christmas Time at Pacific Place

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Holiday Gift Guide: Favorite Family Games

I received complimentary products from Identity Games to facilitate my post. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my little family.

Holiday Gift Guide of fun family games.Last year my husband’s family all gathered out to New Jersey to celebrate Christmas together. That year we decided to do an adult Polyanna gift exchange but the gifts had to be family games. Usually buying for adults can be tricky but this one was so fun. We ended up buying a game that had the highest reviews on Amazon. It was fun and funny but incredibly inappropriate….yikes. While we were in the middle of the game my mother in law came to see why we were laughing and asked to play. Ahhh- we couldn’t do that to her! We told her it was for the best if she didn’t play. So so embarrassing.

Holiday Gift Guide of fun family games.So to save you from a mishap like mine (although we did end up keeping the game and throwing out the bad cards) I have compiled a list of fun family games for the holiday get togethers. In college we used to get to together with family and friends on the weekends and just play games. Yeah….we weren’t super into the party scene. These games are sure to steer you clear of any political drama… one wants that. Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: Favorite Family Games

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DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

“Mom, can we decorate for Halloween?” Has this been asked yet at your house? I think I have guilt from last year where I didn’t really do much….except have a baby. But really, I wanted to decorate more but I didn’t. This year I am decorating but not too much since for some reason having too much stuff makes my chest tighten up and makes me want to konmari my whole house. So, I am going for touches of Halloween without actually freaking myself out with fake spiders….in Seattle you can never tell if they are real or fake. It’s terrifying.

Since it has been a while since I’ve crafted I thought I’d give my hands a little project. I dusted off my Cricut and looked through my non konmari’d stash of supplies. Oops. Why do I have 1000 black stirrers? Who the crap knows. But this is what I made with them and I feel like a crafty ninja now.

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

Rather buy some cool stuff at Target than make your own? That’s cool. I did that, too. But since I like to craft and had some time (wha?? I know right?!) I thought I’d try my hand at making some decor that says “Hey, I’m a cool Mom that decorates for Halloween but not too much because I hate putting all this crap away…and I hate kitschy stuff…” or something along those lines. So, if you are like me then this is what you’ll need to make these super awesome halloween decorations. I guess it doesn’t need to be for Halloween- use it for Thanksgiving, too.

Black Stirrers
Washi Tape
SVG Cut Files
Black Card Stock
Cricut Explore One or Xacto Knife

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames


  1. Download svg cut files and using your Cricut or other cutter cut the files onto two pieces of black card stock
  2. Remove and set down.
  3. Start by cutting 8  straws in half.
  4. Thread six of the straws with one end of the wire and then wrap the end around the wire and tuck into the straw’s end.
  5. Repeat for the other side.
  6. Cut 4 pieces of wire about 1″ longer than the straw.
  7. Wrap one end of the wire on a corner of one of the hexagons and insert straw. Wrap around the end to the other hexagon’s corner connecting them.
  8. Repeat on the next corner over and the two top corners. 
  9. Using washi tape (or hot glue) tape the cut file to the bottom.
  10. For added stability, glue or tape a sipper to the paper and attach it to the paper on the other side.
  11. You may have to finagle it a little for it to stand upright.

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

Cool, right? And like I stated earlier, if you just switch out the pictures it can be used for anything. There is no limit to your creativity my friends.

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

DIY Modern Halloween Decorations- 3D Geometric Frames

What’s your favorite Halloween element? Spiders? Skeletons? Zombies?

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Easter Dinner Inspiration + Free Printable

  Thank you to Evite for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

My husband and I come from big families. My husband is one of eleven and I am one of five. Growing up we’ve always had big get togethers where there was a lot of food, chit chats and food. Did I mention food? Being in Seattle, far from family, could make holidays like Easter pretty lonely. We’ve hosted several large get togethers during the holidays so that it feels more like “home” to us. We’ve also been able to enjoy smaller gatherings, with just our little family, that have introduced new traditions and sweet memories.

This year we are so excited to have my cousin and her husband living near us. I absolutely love hosting dinner parties from picking the menu to adding the perfect element to add to the table. Easter Dinner is especially meaningful because we get to celebrate something miraculous: the Resurrection of Christ. This Resurrection is a precious and free gift to all mankind- a gift so selflessly given so that all mankind can live again.

With such a special holiday, I want to prepare a special dinner for my loved ones. Here is what I am thinking for the menu:

Easter Dinner InspirationGlazed Easter Ham | Roasted Lemon Potatoes | Roasted Parmesan Broccoli | Garlic Roasted Carrots | Easter Bunny Breadsticks | Strawberry Lemonade Cake| Leftover Ham Sandwiches

And I absolutely love these invitations:

Modern Egg Easter Invitation env_gry01_eggspressyourself_1 I designed this religious print to put on the table or to hang on the wall as a reminder of the meaning of Easter. I designed this before I saw the invitations above. I love when things coordinate perfectly! If you’d like a print of it just click on the picture to download it. My gift to you.

Easter Religious Printable Easter Printable

I am about to send out my Easter Card Invitations using Evite which makes it super easy to connect with family and friends and easily see who will be able to make it. I find this much easier to organize than having to scroll through my text messages and emails to try and figure out who can make it or not. Evite has a guest list and a comments section so guests can comment if they have questions that others can see….or not if you want to keep the list private. And because I am a designer myself, I can upload my own design and email my design with a coordinating envelope with a premium subscription. It is all about presentation right?!

Once you have your guest count, here is a chart that can help you plan how much food you’ll need. I am always afraid of not having enough food for everyone so I try to make food for a few extra bodies. And leftovers are the best, am I right? And you can nix the bottle of wine….or add some delicious Martintelli’s Sparkling Cider. Yum. 

4aff154c0302facd19e5bba470547596Whole Foods Guide

Now tell me, what are you guys planning for Easter Dinner? Any favorites?