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The Final Stretch

Sharing the mental and physical growing pains of the final stages of pregnancy. This post is sponsored by Palmer’s but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this site.

When I look back at this past summer, where I spent my days outside in the hot and humid Connecticut sun, watching the kids run around in the yard jumping in and out of the kiddie pool it seems like forever ago. They’ve grown several inches now, grown shaggy hair and are already thinking about their summer plans. I think having a new baby and starting over overwhelms you with nostalgia of the younger days and brings a certain sadness of days past and an uncertain future. The kids are growing up and seem so old now. I miss their baby stage- when they needed me for survival and friendship. The emotional hormones are obviously overtaking this post as I reminisce about my babies no longer being babies. As I write this I’m seeing the literal growing pains that come with having a new little person enter into the family.

39 weeks. 39 weeks of several nightly bathroom visits, daily naps, swollen feet and ankles, back aches and stretching skin. At least half of those weeks were plagued with all day “morning sickness.” As I look down at my body and see how so much has changed the last 39 weeks I am both astonished at how quickly, yet how slowly time has passed. Does that make any sense to you? I found out I was pregnant pretty early on so it has really seemed that I have been pregnant forever. What started out as a little pooch that seemed like I just ate a little too much is now a full blown beach ball sticking out from under my shirt. It is the perfect size for my kids to reach out and caress their new baby sibling. It is the perfect height for my littles one to run up to me and kiss my belly button- where baby is “sweeping” (or sleeping) according to her.

I look down at my still changing body and see that this body has grown 5 little humans. This skin has been stretched to its capacity 5 different times and made room for little babies to grow. This body for the past 10 years has protected and nourished 5 little humans. It is a miracle. Plain and simple. And while my bones have proven themselves weaker, my skin has received extra elasticity: when my skin starts to itch from being stretched to its limit, I rub some of Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks to improve my skin’s elasticity. Baby responds to the touch: a moving body part that unnaturally protrudes for a few seconds. It’s how we connect. And my kids get in on it as well as Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks provide an opportunity for them to connect with and feel the baby move.

It may be tomorrow or it might be 3 weeks from now, but the changes continue. We’ve been stretched both physically and emotionally as more responsibilities have fallen on my husband and children as I’ve dealt with many physical ailments brought on by pregnancy. We’ve been stretched emotionally as we’ve dealt with fears of the change in family dynamics and the logistics of adding another child to our family. We’ve been stretched and have seen the marks of our struggles. But, since we’ve done our stretching together, we’ve also learned how to embrace the marks of growth and learned to minimize unnecessary worries and patch them with solutions everyone is happy with. I hope my next post will be announcing the birth of our new baby (like tomorrow! Haha!).

For mamas that are currently pregnant and looking for a product to help you feel more confident in your changing body, I recommend Palmer’s. For over forty years, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula has been the trusted brand for fighting stretch marks, smoothing skin and helping pregnant women feel more confident and beautiful with their changing bodies. I look at my belly and see that it is smooth and beautiful. And yes, large and uncomfortable, but beautiful and miraculous. I love that it is not greasy- trust me- I hate putting lotion on and usually apply it with my forearms. But this affordable cream is not greasy and leaves your belly feeling elastic (not tight like its ripping apart and itches like crazy) and moisturized. Not only do I use it on my belly, because let’s be honest, that isn’t the only place that is growing. I use it on my chest, inner thighs and lower back. I love using Massage Cream for Stretch Marks and Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. The smell of the Tummy Butter is perfect to relax you at bedtime. Better yet, get your partner to help you relax by using these products while he rubs your back. It’s the least he can do, right?

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Caring for Your Skin with Neutrogena

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena and contains affiliate links. All opinions are solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

photo by christina judd

As I was walking down the hall, I could hear my mom humming in the bathroom. The door was open so I peeked in and saw Madeleine sitting on the counter swinging her legs hitting the cabinets under her. She had a makeup brush in her hand and brushed it along her face haphazardly. She looked up at my mom and imitated my mom as she brushed her hair. My mother nostalgically shared that I used to do the same thing when I was Madeleine’s age. It was such a beautiful moment witnessing granddaughter and grandmother. The funny thing is that my mom doesn’t look like a grandmother.

She often would get mistaken for my sister and people still don’t believe she has a 32 year old daughter and is a grandmother. Great genes? Definitely. But for as long as I can remember, she always put on face creams. I’m pretty sure she even told me years ago that I should start taking care of my face even before things like wrinkles showed up. She advised me to prevent or diminish things that come with age but of course I was just too lazy to have a skin routine. I barely would wipe my face with the makeup remover wipes. I just felt “too young” to be worrying about my skin, wrinkles and age spots. But now, I kind of want to be just like my mom. Continue reading Caring for Your Skin with Neutrogena

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A Little High Maintenance to Continue a Low Maintenance Lifestyle

This post was sponsored by Irresistible Me. I only partner with brands whose products and mission I truly believe in. All opinions are 100% my own.

Thank you for your support!

Last week I talked to you about microblading and how much I loooove my brows. Now I want to tell you about my clip-in hair extensions. Why you ask? Because I love them. Because I can have long hair and not actually have to do all that work to maintain it. I use it when I want that added volume and length but then I take them off and continue my mom-bun wearing ways. I first considered getting extensions a few years ago. I had just had a baby and my long hair was driving me craaaaazzzyyy. Like so crazy that I went and chopped it off to above my chin. I wasn’t brave enough for a pixie cut so I went as short as I dared. And I loved it. Until I hated it. That Christmas my husband asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted hair extensions. Hahaha- oh my, do we see a pattern here? He must think I’m nuts to always be asking for hair for my head or eyebrows. Anyway, I chopped it off because I hated the maintenance of long hair because who has time to take care of all that and kids but I loved the look of long hair. And then when I chopped it off I couldn’t go back.With hair extensions, you can have your cake and eat it, too. And I did. I was so excited when Irresistible Me contacted me to do a review for their hair extensions. I’ve been wanting to get hair extensions for ever. But then I went back and forth always thinking that hair extensions were for high maintenance people and that is so not me. I’m pretty chill. But then it actually dawned on me that this would help me live my low maintenance life style.I went on the website and picked out my choice of the Silky Touch clip-in hair extensions. I went with silky chocolate brown 22″ hair extensions. I was so nervous about picking the hair color because you need it to match so it doesn’t scream “she’s wearing fake hair!” Ya know? I mean you are wearing hair that isn’t your own but no one needs to know. Ha. So something that eased my mind about choosing a color is that if it doesn’t match, you can send it back.The hair comes sealed in a package that is divided into two compartments. One is the sample hair. You only open that side to make sure it matches your hair- just don’t clip it in or use any products on it. If it matches your hair and you are happy with the length, open the rest. If it doesn’t, DO NOT open the rest or else you can’t send it back.Full disclosure, when I ordered my hair it was lighter since it was ombre. But then I went crazy and bought some hair dye at the drug store because it was so outgrown it looked horrendous. Well, it picked up the darkest color ever even though I picked a medium brown color to match my previous color. I just wanted it all to be even but it was a botched job. I had already opened my hair and it didn’t match. My hair also hadn’t been cut in about 6 months so it was just a hot mess. A mess. I ended up going to a salon where they fixed my botched hair dye experiment and where she put in my clip-ins and cut my hair with them in. I think that is the best way to do it so it flows naturally with your hair. I’ve watched a million you tube videos where girls just clip them in without getting them cut and it must be black magic or something because they make it look easy and amazing. My hair did not blend magically with the extensions so I had to get it cut. One reason may be because I have extremely thick hair and it looked so top heavy so she also thinned out my hair a bit so it wouldn’t be so top heavy. This hair is real hair so you can use heating tools and styling products on it just like you would with your normal hair. This hair looks best when it is curled or braided, which is my favorite thing to do to it when I go out. It also comes with A LOT of hair. Like 11 pieces and included in that is a super thick weft. Here’s the with extensions and the without. It adds a good 6 inches or more to the length. I’ve worn them at least 3 times a month for various parties or dates and I just like how much I can do with them. And at night I just take them off, brush them and slip them back in the pouch until next time.So what do you think? High or low maintenance? Would you get extensions for the sole convenience of not having to deal with long hair on a daily basis and just as needed?

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gold Foil Lips Bobby Pins

This post was sponsored by Cricut. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supposrting the brands that support this blog!

Nothing like an upcoming holiday (that’s tomorrow) to get you in a frantic state of last minute crafting. I like being festive and decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but the other holidays get a little left out. While I didn’t really decorate for Valentine’s Day this year, I did make some accessories for the girls and myself. I like subtly celebrating and these gold foil bobby pin lips can be worn for Valentine’s Day or any other day because they are just so dang cute. Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Gold Foil Lips Bobby Pins

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Microblading: What You Need to Know

Last year for Mother’s Day I told my husband that I wanted eyebrows as a gift. You read that right. Eyebrows. Spoiler alert: I got a helicopter ride instead. Ahahahah. My husband the jokester.

Ok, so my eyebrows weren’t terrible but they didn’t have a great shape and were pretty scarce in some areas. I wanted more of a shape and for them to be darker. I could pretty simply achieve this look by filling it in with shadow or with a brow pencil. But as a pretty low maintenance person I wanted to eliminate those few minutes I would spend every morning to fill in my brows. I guess you could say that I have to do some high maintenance things at first so I can continue living a low maintenance lifestyle. That makes sense, right?! Continue reading Microblading: What You Need to Know

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Tips to Prevent Lice

Lice. Anyone else get the chills just thinking about it? While my kids have never had lice (knock on wood times a billion) there have been cases at school of kids having lice. When I hear that my mind starts to go wild and my heart starts to race. Why why why are they just so creepy???? I’ve never had to deal with lice and I hope with these tips we won’t have to. Prevention doesn’t mean it is 100% effective but it is better than nothing. And no… you won’t have to resort to this:

This post was done in partnership with BrandBacker but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

  1. Keep hair up or braided. Lice don’t jump. They crawl and when hair is accessible they will crawl up and try to get as close to warmth (scalp). Lice don’t prefer short, long, oily, clean hair. They will just find a way to crawl onto their food source. Keeping hair tied just limits accessibility.
  2. Resist sharing hats, helmets, jackets, hair brushes or accessories. Lice can live up to 2 days on objects so if you use or have contact with those items then you may contract lice as well. Store hats and such in backpacks or jacket pockets for having less chance of contact.
  3. Avoid close contact. Like wrestling, head butting….should I have to say that? Haha my kids often engage in rough and tumble play so it has to be said. Say you are rubbing shoulders with someone who has lice, it crawls from his sweater to yours. And then up your hair. And then it all begins….. ahhhh.
  4. Use tea tree oil sprays, shampoos or conditioners. For some reason, lice don’t like the smell. We have been using SoCozy Boo! We love it because it is non-toxic and free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. It smells amazing and doesn’t really require any extra steps. We use the shampoo and conditioner at bath time and use the spray on days when their hair hasn’t been washed. Both my boys and girls use this product and it is easy enough for them to use on their own….sometimes Mom and Dad forget. And if you buy this look below for an awesome sweepstakes! **
  5. Regular check ups. Regular hair and scalp check ups may not prevent lice but you’ll catch it sooner. Check for eggs near the scalp- I think those are better than finding full grown infestation. Cue the heebee jeebees.
  6. This isn’t a tip on how to prevent it but more of a “breathe in breath out” tip. If your child gets lice don’t feel like you need to burn the house down. I know I’d want to but it is treatable just incredibly annoying. There are lots of treatments available, even hair salons dedicated to treating lice for you! I read about using Coke to douse your head. And why not take a sip or two to take the edge off, haha!

Do you guys have any tips or tried and true ways to get rid of lice? I am seriously hoping that I won’t have to ever have to smear mayo on anyone’s head. 

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The total value of this prize is $10,000! (read more here:

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3 “Get Ready Quick” Tips

Baby is crying. Kids are hungry. Again. The dishes are stacked in the sink and it’s not even 9 in the morning yet. I usually run out in a pair of joggers and have my hair in a mom bun. Showers are a luxury and dry shampoo is my best friend. Days are busy. Everyone is busy. So, who really has time to spend an hour on hair, makeup and getting dressed? I sure don’t. But, when I feel gross when I don’t intentionally get ready; therefore I am less productive, in a sluggish and bad mood because I feel gross, and on and on. We, mamas, need ways to get ready quick so we can be productive with our crazy kid filled days.
 I have managed to streamline my beauty routine, sans shower, into 15 minutes. That includes hair, makeup and getting dressed. Now, I am not saying I am looking gorgeous and stylish all the time but I feel good because I intentionally got ready that morning. I want to share some tips that I shared at the Westfield Southcenter‘s Style Boss Series: Fab in 15.

3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy MomsTop 3 “Get Ready Quickly” Tips:

1. Plan your outfit ahead of time. This means you have to look at weather and check your schedule to know what you will be doing that day. Do you need to shower today? No? Cool- just spray some dry shampoo on that beautiful hair and rub, rub rub! Will it be an errand day? Awesome. Get some comfy and cute sneakers on and wear your favorite slouchy shirt with jeggings. I usually plan my Sunday outfits in advance or have my “go-to” outfits if I can’t find something that works. It is important to have staples in your closet that way you always have an outfit and it is easy to mix and match. Bonus: this will help keep your room tidy since you won’t be throwing clothes around from failed outfit attempts.

3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy Moms2. Fake it ‘Til You Make It: Dry shampoo is your friend. Your best friend. Use it. It will save you a trip to the shower, won’t have to blow dry and do your hair again. Dry shampoo eliminates oil but also adds texture and a little volume to limp hair. Also, braids are your friend. They can cover up greasy hair pretty well! Don’t be afraid of using a cleansing wipe (Acure is my favorite) to freshen up if you can’t squeeze a shower in. I mean, don’t be grungy and not shower for a week but it can help if you are in a bind and need to put off a shower a day. If you want quick hairstyles, my friend Abby has some great hair tutorials on her blog.

3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy Moms3. Streamline your beauty routine. Sometimes you can spend time doing a cool makeup routine but then you can’t even tell you did anything at all. Figure out what works for you and what you “need” to have on before you go out. For some it’s lipstick. For others it is mascara. What can you go without? Less is more. So what’s my favorite thing to instantly pull together a look? Lipstick. It is so simple but it can really liven up a casual look or add sophistication to a dressier look. It also adds color to your face! And remember, makeup doesn’t make us beautiful, it enhances our already existing beauty.

 3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy Moms
I have my makeup routine down for the summer. The “bare” face is my go to look with a few enhancements. I apply this moisturizer and then I put on foundation and concealer with this bobbi brown brush. Multifunctional products are key: I dab my cheeks and lips with this. I dab the inner corners of my eyes with this and apply two coats of mascara. I’ve accepted that my eyelashes will be straight so I don’t even bother curling them anymore. Then I give myself eyebrows with this. Seriously. This takes me 5-7 minutes. I’ve done it so often that I’ve learned to do it quickly. This is my everyday wear. If I want something a little dressier then I can put some eyeshadow and eyeliner on and top it off with a brighter lipstick. In the morning I’ll wrap my hair using SavvyCurls which curls my hair as I am doing my morning routine.
3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy MomsI think the key here is to be intentional about your choices. On days that I intentionally choose my luxury leisure wear (hahahah) I feel confident because I at least made an effort. It may not be glamorous but it is functional and effort was exerted into looking effortless- ironic isn’t it? In all seriousness, it isn’t all about looking like a super model. It’s about feeling great and fabulous in whatever you wear. Confidence is the best accessory. But I am not going to be a hypocrite and say makeup and clothes don’t matter. I love clothes and I love getting dressed up. But when I am chasing kids all day and running errands you most likely won’t find me in heels and fancy clothes. I save that for dates and church. I do, however, wear practical, stylish and event appropriate clothing (in my opinion and preference) that makes me feel good and allows me to be more flexible as a mom.
3 Get Ready Quick Tips for Busy MomsWhat is something that you do to get ready quickly in the mornings?

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Easy Curls for Busy Moms + Savvy Curls Giveaway

Easy curls for busy moms. Best way to do your hair without damaging it. As I stumble out of bed, quite literally, I grab my elastic on my nightstand and do my usual #momhair  which consists of a messy bun or high pony. I need to get 3 kids off to school and nurse my baby at some point. I look over at the counter and smile seeing the lunchboxes piled on top of each other, ready to go and prepared with love by my awesome husband. Do I drop off kids in my sweats and momhair? My kids are too young to be embarrassed. Mom hair and sweats for the win.

I’m sure many of us have days like these right? While I love being comfy and casual most days (read joggers and slouchy tee) I also love getting ready for the day by doing my hair and makeup and maybe putting on non elastic waist pants. Let’s take baby steps though. So one thing that I have found to tame these tresses is a thermal insulating headband that produce these glamorous curls. I don’t damage my hair by using Savvy Curls plus I don’t lose that time I would have spent curling my thick hair. While I am wearing this I was doing dishes, responding to emails and feeding my baby. Gosh I love multi-tasking. Efficiency is key here. We all have limited time and we choose the things we will give our time to. For me, I will invest those 5 minutes it takes to put on the headband and curl my hair to have a day that I feel put together and productive.

Easy curls for busy moms. Best way to do your hair without damaging it. So that’s my before hair above. Not terrible. But then I see what 5 minutes can do. I don’t count the time that it’s in my hair because I am doing other things in the meantime. I have worn it overnight as well as for an hour or two before I have to leave. I also don’t have to choose whether I do my hair or do the dishes. I can do both!

I'm sure many of us have days like these right? While I love being comfy and casual most days (read joggers and slouchy tee) I also love getting ready for the day by doing my hair and makeup and maybe putting on non elastic waist pants. Let's take baby steps though. So one thing that I have found to tame these tresses is a thermal insulating headband that produce these glamorous curls. I don't damage my hair by using Savvy Curls plus I don't lose that time I would have spent curling my thick hair. While I am wearing this I was doing dishes, responding to emails and feeding my baby. Gosh I love multi-tasking. Efficiency is key here. We all have limited time and we choose the things we will give our time to. For me, I will invest those 5 minutes it takes to put on the headband and curl my hair to have a day that I feel put together and productive. I start out by misting my hair with water. Then I apply a bit of mousse and hand comb it through my hair. Then I place the Savvy Curls single headband on top of my head in between my hairline and forehead. I have the Savvy Curls double headband which is for longer hair or thick hair. I used the single for looser and wider curls.

DIY Modern Wall Hangers_0016Split the hair in half on the sides as if you are doing pigtails. Starting at the front, grab a section of hair and wrap up and around the headband. Grab the next section of hair with the first section included and wrap around again until you read the center of your head. Then grab the front section of the other side and repeat on this side. Once you have wrapped all the sections, wrap the middle section around the headband and secure with a bobby pin.

Now you can do whatever you need to do for an hour or two. Or sleep in it. Up to you what you do with this precious time- your hair is being pretty much done for you so enjoy the extra minutes freed up.

Easy curls for busy moms. Best way to do your hair without damaging it. You can unwrap the hair in sections to pull it out or just pull the headband out. I like the dramatic pull to reveal this glamorous looking curl. Gotta look forward to something glamorous right?! Let me tell you why I like this curl: it looks natural, effortless and low maintenance. I don’t want it to look like I just spent 45 minutes on my  hair when I claim that I have no time for shenanigans! While it doesn’t look like I spent those precious minutes on my hair, it does look like I actually put some thought in my appearance.

Easy curls for busy moms. Best way to do your hair without damaging it. After 8 hours this is how it held up. Again, feeding my babe while enjoying the fruits of my labors- 5 minutes of twisting my hair on a Savvy Curls headband. If you like having extra time (while still having cute hair!) then you’ll love having a chance to win one of the single headbands!

Two ways to win: **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

  1. Enter on my Instagram account @brendakbird
  2. Comment on here which Savvy Curls headband pattern you’d choose!

I’ll choose a winner on Friday night on April 15th. Good luck!

Thank you to Savvy Curls for this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


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5 Gifts to Give Yourself

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HolidayGlow #CollectiveBias

Gifts-to-Give-to-Yourself_mainAs a mother, sometimes I feel pulled in a million different directions. Volunteer here, go on this field trip, bring snacks for this class, get new designs in the shop, get a new post up, take this picture, document that moment, go on a date, go to a girl’s night, check up on this person, go to the grocery store, make dinner….make a dinner that everyone will eat, exercise so you can finally fit into normal clothes… and the list goes on. A lot of that list entails things to do for others and the things that aren’t for others usually get put off for another day or another week or another month. Why? For me it is because of guilt. What is with the guilt of doing things for yourself?

After I had Madeleine I had a pretty serious talk with my mom who was staying with us (to help with everything!). She asked me what I planned to do when she left. What do you mean what am I going to do? I am going to drown obviously. Ha! I had no idea how I was going to survive without that extra helping hand. She looked at me sternly and told me that while I did have to worry about housework, school schedules, the children, she was mostly worried about me. So often we put ourselves last to get everything done for everyone else that it takes a toll on us- we are human after all. How can we continue to nourish others when we aren’t nourishing ourselves as well?

This Christmas season as we think about the perfect gifts to give to others, let’s also remember to give ourselves little gifts as well. When I say gifts I don’t mean material things (although those cute shoes can be included!). I mean meaningful gifts that will relax, revive and recharge you as the holiday season continues. Here are 5 gifts that you can give to yourself:

The gift of being “enough”: I know you want to do it all and be the best at everything but the truth is no one can. Trust me, I stress myself out over doing the best instead of my best. There is a difference. We all have to learn when our best is good enough. You may not be the best baker but you are a decent enough one to bake a box cake. You may not be the best at being crazy and spontaneous with your kids but you are good at teaching them how to use their imaginations and be creative. You may not have your house spotless on a daily basis but you keep it clean enough that it isn’t a health or safety hazard (haha!). And that is okay! Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It’s enough. You are doing enough. You are enough.

5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday season.The gift of good friends: As adults don’t you find it harder to make friends? And because it is hard why would you want to deal with those that aren’t good friends? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously. There are people that can just suck you dry and then rain negativity. Again- Ain’t nobody got time for that. I am not saying be mean or rude to them but don’t waste your energy on people like that. On the flipside, don’t be that kind of “friend” either. There are people that will love you and help you whenever you need them to. They are the ones that laugh and cry with you. That don’t care if your are wearing the same sweats as yesterday and have baby spit up on your shirt. They tell you when you have food stuck in your teeth. Or set up meals for you after you just had a baby. These are the people you want in your life and remember to be that person for those in your life as well.

The gift of saying “No”: This goes back to the first gift. We can’t be great at everything and we can’t do everything. I know you want to volunteer at your son’s school and watch your friend’s kids and plan the social gathering of the month and host dinner parties every week and on and on. But you can’t. And you shouldn’t. This will just burn you out. Prioritize. The few things you decide you want to dedicate your precious and short amount of time to will get your best and won’t just be a check mark on your to-do list. It is okay to say “no.” Say it with me: no. No. Sorry, I can’t. No, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. No, I can’t make a meal tomorrow but I can the day after. No, I just can’t take another project on. See? It’s okay. When you say no to some things you will have time to say yes to other things like finally working on sewing that blanket for your daughter or drawing up a prototype of that idea you had or even just drawing because it makes you happy.

The gift of attention: When you start prioritizing things in your life you start having time for more important things. One of those things should be you. Yes, you. Having that “me” time is so important. It gives you the chance to actually pay attention to your needs. You can start small like actually taking the time to make yourself a nice lunch instead of eating your kids’ leftovers. It can also be taking that shower and shaving your legs with your new razor. It can be to finally whiten your teeth like you’ve been planning on for the last week. It can be reading a chapter in that book you’ve had on your nightstand for the last month. It can be sitting on the couch and thinking about your goals, your dreams, your plans. Take 5 minutes to pay attention to yourself. You’ll be able to find out about who you are and what you’d like to do.

5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday seasonThe gift of confidence: It is amazing that when you prioritize, align your body and mind, become more productive, that you feel so much better about yourself. You can feel great after giving yourself those few minutes a day or several times a day. Those few minutes can recharge you and give you that energy to keep going. So, keep it up! Wear that lipstick to pickup your kids from preschool, buy the shoes you can’t stop thinking about, draw up that business plan for the idea you can’t stop thinking about, ask out your husband. Be confident in those decisions. There is something so beautiful about a confident (not cocky) person. It’s like they can just take on the world and make their dreams happen. You can do it. I know for me I lack confidence in certain things but I can change that. As silly as it sounds I think I’d have more confidence in my smile if my smile was brighter. I have been wanting to get the Crest 3D White Strips Combo Pack but always put them back as I prioritized necessities. But now I feel like it is time. I’ve put it off long enough and I feel confident in my decision to do this. I felt a little embarrassed about the vanity of this desire but I don’t care anymore. It will make me feel more confident and if that will help me achieve more of my goals then… awesome! Others’ opinions of my insecurities won’t bother me because what matters is what I feel most comfortable doing, wearing, reading, creating, writing and so on. Don’t let others’ opinions sway you either. You be you.

5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday seasonAs a reminder to gift yourselves these gifts, I made a wallpaper for your phone (because I know you must check it every 10 minutes!). It’s a reminder for you to “treat yo’ self.” Yes, you deserve it, too. Treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t forget to treat yourself like you treat others. Sometimes we are much kinder to others than we are to ourselves. You need to be kind to yourself, too!

5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday seasonGet your wallpaper by pressing and holding on the picture below and then press “save image.”



I was shopping at Costco for treats for this craft/service project party when I came across these beauty products. I’ve also been putting off getting the Venus Swirl but my legs can’t take it anymore so I went ahead and bought what I needed! With all those cartridges for the razor I knew I wouldn’t be running out any time soon. Even though it is a little pricier to buy in bulk at the time, in the long run it is usually more economical to do so. I just love Costco because of that and I always feel like I’ll have enough for guests and it has everything I need! You can find these products here:

5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday season 5 gifts to give to yourself this holiday seasonWhat gift do you think is most important to give to yourself this holiday season?

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Minimalist Floral Crown

It is my pleasure to introduce a lovely lady I met at my first meetup when I moved to Seattle. We sat next to each other for appetizers and we just clicked. She is beautifully talented and so sweet. Moch is an amazing photographer and she makes the most common moments look surreal. Thank you Moch for this tutorial- see how something so simple can be so beautiful?


I am a stay at home mom, who has been running a business as the main photographer for Jon + Moch Photography the last 8 years. I love when the hubs gets to come on weddings! Since getting married and not working the Nine to Five job we have added a berner name Eva and two little boys. There are times when I want to get away to get peace and quiet or just to simply go to the bathroom without any interruptions BUT that is hard to find sometimes. I know the day will come, till then I have needed find alternatives.

I am an artist at heart. I don’t like to say it only because I am not great at any of it but I LOVE doing it. One thing, I have been asked to do a couple times now has been making floral crowns. I googled it and pinned many DIY floral crown tutorials. So here is my take on it and I want to share it with you! You will see the results at the end of the post, my four year old wanted in on the pics 🙂 Have fun!

You need to get some Flowers, Cutting Pliers, Covered wire and Floral tape.

  1. Cut the covered wire to desired size
  2. Wrap leaves around wire
  3. Cut floral tape and wrap around the wire
  4. Cut and add flowers or leaves
  5. Keep at it until you are satisfied

DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown